Our visit to Blue Mountains- A short trailer

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So as the title suggests, this post is regarding our visit to Blue Mountains, a must visit place to the west of Sydney, Australia. So I am sharing a small trailer of my upcoming video this week. Have a look:

Well there is a reason, why Blue Mountains are called Blue. It’s because they are clad in huge forests of gum trees( Eucalyptus). Under the shining hot sun🌞, these trees 🌳release a fine mist of eucalyptus oil from its leaves🌱. The mist refracts the light (light rays penetrating the mist) that makes the atmosphere appear blue from a distance. Something similar to occurrence of a rainbow🌈

Well, I have already uploaded two parts of our Sydney Travel series, where I share my YHA stay, us visiting Sydney Harbour, Manly Beach. So, if you haven’t watched, check here below:

Sydney Travel Series- Part One
Sydney Travel Series-Part Two

Watch the above trailer and stay tuned to watch the full video of our visit to Blue Mountains-Part 3 of our Sydney Travel series, which is going to release on my channel soon this week. Thank you for watching and reading my post.

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The phase

There comes a time in our life, where we stop debating over things with others. We don’t clarify things with others, we don’t rectify them or argue with them even if they are wrong. All that means to us, is our mental peace.

Is it only me? Or else someone too has also reached a stage like this? Let me know in the comment section below. And Happy Weekend guys 🙂


Sydney Travel Vlog-Part 2 update

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So like I said in my previous post that  I have been travelling a lot since March month and recently I had been to Sydney city in Australia. My trip was amazing, excluding the Airbnb part where our experience with them was not so great 😦 . We had a booking of  2 nights with them towards the end of our trip. But later on, we had to cancel our bookings at the end moment because of our non acceptance of certain charges( informed to us after all payments and bookings were done)  which was not there in their listing while we were booking our stay. The way they were handled our issue was just so tiring and time consuming that we cancelled our bookings with them. Otherwise, our trip was amazing including our stay at Central Railway square, YHA.

In my previous post, I had shared our first part of Sydney travel series, which was all about our stay at YHA, Sydney Harbour and meeting our friends after a long time.  If you haven’t watched the video, watch here:Sydney travel vlog part 1

Today, second video went live up on my channel of Sydney travel series and to watch the video, click on the below link:

In this video, we had been to Manly via ferry ride and the ride was amazing and totally picturesque. Have a look at the video and comment down below of what do you think.

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Thank you for watching the video and reading my post.


Hey Guys🙂

How are you all doing? I know, I am posting here after a long gap 🙄 again. I have been travelling a lot lately. I had been to India for 25 days and then I had been to Sydney and just a few days, I got back from there. And btw, the part one of Sydney travel series is live on my channel. To watch the video, please click on the link below.

So, we were in  Sydney  for eight days. We were staying in the Central Railway Square, a hostel accommodation, which is run by YHA. Basically, you have a room to stay and you have to share Kitchen, Bathrooms with the other people staying in the hostel. There are shared rooms, couple rooms, family rooms, private rooms with or without bathroom. Bookings can be made through their website or they have an app called “YHA Australia” where the bookings can be done( Not Promoting them, just sharing the details of my travel and stay). My experience was good and it was also different for me as this was my first experience of staying in a hostel. I guess we did right on booking our stay in a hostel as we saved a lot on our accommodation🙂.
In the above video, you will see about our YHA stay,  our visit to Sydney Harbour. We had been to many other places and soon the other videos will be live on my channel. So stay tuned and Subscribe to my YouTube channel for regular updates on my new videos.
Also, If you want to know about the history behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge, climb up the bridge of Pylon Lookout and also witness the stunning view of the city from the top😍. The entry fee for per adult is AUD15 and if you are staying in YHA, then you need to pay only AUD10.
I have many plans for travel this year 😁and I am looking forward to it. Also, I will try to post here as much as possible and update you guys about my travel, share my experience through my videos.
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Random talk, new videos and more..

Hey Guys,

A very Good morning 😀 to everyone. So I have said this many times by now in my previous posts that I am travelling and currently in Mumbai 🙂. So whenever I am on a holiday, I usually miss a lot on my workout😐. I believe in Yoga 🙏🏼and I practice that for 4 to 5 times a week for minimum 30 minutes a day, sometimes I do cardio exercise in the gym, sometimes I do strengthening exercises at home and sometimes I just go for some 40-45 minutes of brisk walking. But during my holiday period, I miss a lot on my workout due to many reasons 🙁and later by the time, I am back home after an amazing holiday😃, I am scared to step on my weighing scale😥. Because those two digits on weighing scale will decide how much I need to workout more to achieve my previous weight.

So before coming here in Mumbai, I had decided that I will exercise in some form everyday for atleast 30 minutes. Up till now, I am successful in doing so and I have walked every single day for atleast 8kms a day since I am here🙂. And let me tell you guys I am proud of myself as really, the climate here in Mumbai is not so great😓, as it is summer here and the temperature goes up to 32 degree Celsius. As soon as I leave home, I get drenched in sweat within five minutes, so imagine walking for 1 hour or sometime even 2 hours straight. Anyways, so what I am trying to say here is that, whenever you are on holiday and don’t want to miss out on workout, walk as much as possible🚶🏻‍♀️. Avoid any transport and walk  to your destination instead. In this way, you will also come to know about the area and place more around you. So walk while you travel.

Moving on, a new video📹 went live today on my YouTube channel. It’s about the places we visited in the Redcliffe city of Queensland state, Australia. Watch the full video below:

Also, I forgot to update last week about another video that I uploaded last week on my channel. If you wish to watch the video, please watch on the below link:

Witness the beautiful sunrise 🌞at Mount Coot-tha which is just few minutes away from the main Brisbane city of Australia. As the sun rises, the view of the city under the glowing sky 🌇is so beautiful. Witness and watch the beautiful sunrise in above video.

Thank you for reading my post🙂 and also watching my videos. Let me know in the comment section below, what do you think about it. Have a nice day. Take care.


The Tashkent Files- A movie based on the mysterious death of our second Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri.

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It’s currently 2:30 pm and I am sitting on my bed, sipping some hot water and writing this article. For those who don’t know, I am currently here in Mumbai and the next week is my last week here in India. Anyways,  so yesterday, I watched another great movie which I would like to share it with you guys.

The Tashkent Files, a movie that is inspired by true events  revolves around the mysterious death of our country’s second Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri. Lal Bahadur Shastri, who was born on 2nd October in the year 1904, was a leader in National Congress Party. He was a true follower of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He was deeply influenced by Gandhi’s ideology. He was also against the caste system and had dropped his surname ‘Srivastava’. He got the title of Shastri which means a scholar, when he completed his graduation from Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth.  In 1965 under his leadership, Indo-Pak war took place and Shastriji  had made it extremely evident that India won’t sit and watch and will fight back  against the Pakistani invasion.  During that time, his slogan “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan”  became very popular and even today it resounds all through the nation. After the revelation of truce with Pakistan in 1965 , with the intervention of external powers, a peace agreement “The Tashkent Declaration” was signed on 10th January 1966 between India and Pakistan in Tashkent city of Uzbekistan. On 11th January 1966, the following day after signing the peace agreement, Lal Bahadur Shastri  died in Tashkent. It was said that the cause of his death was a heart attack, but once his body arrived in India, there were many arguments among his relatives, his supporters, his family members stating that he could have been poisoned and it could be a conspiracy planned as his face had turned black, it had swollen and there were many cut marks too. Many stories were shown in the movie and I don’t know how much truth could be there. Till date, it hasn’t been proven that his death was natural or a planned murder.

The movie revolves around the young reporter Ragini, who gets a tip from an anonymous caller on 53 years old case- Lal Bahadur Shastri’s mysterious death. With all the files, stories, proofs in her hand, she publishes a story on it in the newspaper and later a committee was formed to investigate about the cause of death of  Lal Bahadur Shastri. As the time passes, discussions continue between the committee members, where even Ragini was a part of the committee,  she slowly gets closer to the truth through her research. The movie makes some shocking revelation about Lal Bahadur Shastri’s death,  and how much truth lies in it I don’t know. But all I know that Lal Bahadur Shastri was a great Prime Minister of our country and if he was murdered, we should resolve this political mystery and pay him the long due real tribute. Watching such movies makes me realise, that if we do anything good for this country or for any other reasons that matter, the truth always dies and people who fight for the truth has to pay with their life. I have really never liked politics so much, there are many cases, where I do wonder that the judgement in some cases is very simple, but due to some dirty politics, justice never takes place.

Anyways, I do recommend you guys to watch this movie and decide by yourself, what you think is the real cause of his death. I am surely going to buy a novel ” Your Prime Minister is dead” by the Indian author Anuj Dhar and also look forward to  buy ” The KGB and the World” , the Mitrokhin Archive II by Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin( you will come to know about this book in the movie). Let me know, whether you have watched the movie, what you guys think about it in the comments section below.



It’s been a year

A year back, on 10th of April, I got the most shocking news of my life. I remember being in the hospital, counting minutes, waiting for doctor’s reply who were examining you. After anxiously waiting for five minutes ( which seemed like 5 hours to me at that time), doctors called me and said your mother is no more. And I knew my life was going to change from now.

It’s been a year today, but still I feel your absence. Initially, it was tough to accept the fact that you are gone and you are never going to come back, but slowly now I am accepting the harsh truth of my life. It does not mean that you are not missed. Not remembering you is impossible. There are times, where in certain situation, I think that if you were around, things might have been different. Though slowly, but I am doing my best to deal with your loss with every passing day. I just hope you are watching me and showering your blessings. Love you mom.