Simple Weekend

Hey guys,

I hope you all are doing great 😃. So it’s Monday again 😕 and I know it might be going dull for many that includes me too 😝. My weekend was simple, did some mundane “weekend husband and wife work” like grocery shopping, cleaned our house etc etc. On Saturday, my husband and I went around the Brisbane city. Here there is a fest going on ie Brisbane fest, which is twenty-two day festival and it has numerous programs of dance 💃🏻, music🎷🎺, theatre📽 and many public events. We walked around and we even got to see the River of light 🎆 show, which was pretty amazing.

Brisbane Festival
Brisbane Festival

River of Light Show, Brisbane Festival 2018

On Sunday, we woke up late and decided to move slowly and do whatever we felt like doing. Mostly on all weekend, my husband cooks and pampers me with his amazing cooking skills. I usually start my day with a simple Poha dish with a cup of tea☕️ that is like booze 🥂 I can’t survive without 😄. Then we watched an old Tamil movie at home and 🥣 my husband later cooked Chana Korma sabzi for our lunch 🍽 . It was delicious 👌🏼 and I kind of felt proud of him. I wasn’t around him for a few months, he was here on his own in Australia and I was back in our country India and somewhere I feel it turned out to be best as he has excelled in the cooking department 👨🏻‍🍳. Haha 🤣. After a heavy meal, some afternoon nap, we went out for a horror movie 💀☠️ , The Nun, which wasn’t horror enough to scare me🤨, but I guess it worked on my husband though😰😅. But in the end, we both didn’t like the movie much. Later we had our dinner and were back home. It isn’t always necessary to have something planned ahead, sometimes going with the flow works well too. It’s ok to do nothing fun enough sometimes; a simple walk would be enough to have a relaxed and happy day 🙂😀.

So our weekend was simple and relaxing. What about you guys? How was your weekend? What you guys did? Let me know in the comment section below


Favourite song- Kurumba(Father’s love)

Hey guys,

Recently, I wasn’t keeping well and I am still recovering from my illness 😒. Though, I am sure, slowly I will recover soon. As blogging gives me peace, so I am back here to write my mind out 🙂. So these days, I am listening to many new songs🎶, some are old, but it’s my first time of listening to those songs🎧.

So there is this song called Kurumba (father’s love) from the Tamil movie “Tik Tik Tik”, which has touched my heart and I keep on listening to this a lot these days. I have even watched the video of this song and that video reminds me of two important people, my younger brother Rajan and my cutie pie nephew Baby Kiyaan who has been talked a lot in my blog in some of my previous posts 😄. I literally imagine them in this song. People always say that nobody can love you more than your parents, but in the case of Baby Kiyaan, it’s just not true. He is blessed to have my brother as his Uncle and I as his Aunty, who loves him so much. Wait, I am not bragging about us here 🤫, but it’s true 😇. Seriously, and it’s all because of our nephew, who makes us forget our worries that we have. He is the reason behind our smiles in difficult times and we love him for being such a beautiful 😘yet naughty 😈 soul that he is. So, I thought lets make a picture video of both of them with this song 🧐. And bang! I made it😁.

I will also share the link of the actual video song of the movie too if you guys want to watch it.

The video that I made is here:

PS: The song played in the above video is from the movie Tik Tik Tik. Only the pictures used in this video is mine.

The original video song of Kurumba from the movie “Tik Tik Tik” is here below.


A visit to North Stradbroke Island

Hey guys,

So how is Monday going for everyone? 😀 Well for me, it’s very slow 😒 and a bit boring🙁, but my Sunday went really great 😄. Let me share with you guys about this amazing place that I visited yesterday. My husband and I have been planning to go somewhere since I have been here in Brisbane Australia. But we were not able to because of some or other reasons.

Those who don’t know, I am basically from India and I have recently shifted to this beautiful country Australia. Anyways, so we guys finally decided to go to North Stradbroke Island and really I wasn’t disappointed with our decision to visit this place. We started our day early at around 6:30 am and we boarded the train first, which was almost an hour journey. From there we took a bus, which was five minutes ride for our next mode of transport ie ferry. The ferry ride was of twenty five minutes that took us to this main Island. Far from hustle and bustle of the city, this place is quiet and serene with amazing beaches and viewpoints. First, we took a stroll along the North Gorge walk, which is approximately a km long walk and one gets to see turtles, dolphins, whales and fishes at this point. My husband and I were only lucky enough to catch the sight of turtle. But, earlier while we were on ferry, at that time, we got to see dolphin 🐬 too. Also, there were sign boards that told us that we might get to see Kangaroo or Koala, but we din’t get to witness any of the two ☹️. I supposed we were not lucky enough. Anyways after North Gorge walk, we ate something first and then headed for Cylinder beach 🏊🏼‍♀️🏝. The cold water touching my feet, the wind blowing into my hair, everything was amazing and I was enjoying myself completely☺️. The climate was really pleasant and I let myself soak under the sun without worrying much of getting tan. We walked bare feet till Point lookout beach which was around 1.5 kms away from Cylinder beach.

People here come to stay for a night or even a month, but we had to get back as my husband had his office the next day 😶. Well, though I was not dishearten as when I was there, I enjoyed my time completely. Here are a few pictures ;

So, if you guys are visiting Australia and if Brisbane city is in your list, do visit this island. Believe me, you would love this place and it’s calmness 🙂.


A story of pure friendship

Switching off my computer, I went down to the ground level of my office. Every employee has left for their home by now, leaving us alone. I always use to wait for this time to come.  I went near his desk and asked him to play some songs online. Me and Rishi, my best friend, loved listening to the romantic songs and our choices over the songs hardly differed.

Searching on the kitchen platform among the perfectly aligned things, I asked him,” Will you have some tea? And yes, some biscuits too are there!”. I didn’t get any reply. I turned behind and saw him deeply engrossed in his work.

“Rishi, please stop working now. The office hours have ended long back. Stop being so pretentious and acting like a workaholic.” I said, winking at him. He looked at me with his irate eyes” Shut up. I need to submit these reports by tomorrow morning. OK! “

“OK. OK. I understood. I was just pulling your leg, so stop being serious. So, Mr. Rishi, now will you please tell me, would you have some tea or not?”

“Yes, I need it. Please!” He replied in his tired tone.

“Also, add some ginger in it with less sugar. OK!” He said teasing me.

Sipping my tea and listening to the songs playing behind,  I thought to myself, what a wonderful life I have. A perfect job, a good salary, being single and best of all having a cuppa tea with your best friend everyday. Rishi and I had met each other in this office. We never talked to each other initially, but as I started knowing him as a person, I was getting attracted to him. No, not in the way you think! But, his kind and ingenuous nature allured me to talk to him. As the time flew by, we got close to each other. We came to office together and were the last ones to leave the office. It’s been a year now and our bond of friendship gets stronger day by day. He is my  venting machine. Being a guy, I never felt weird telling him every minute detail of my life. He is the one who knows me more than I know myself.

“Rishi, you know what happened today?” 

“What? Did he say something again? “

” Rishi, how you always come to know even before I say!” 

Ashok is senior to me and he have asked me out many times by now, but I have always declined his offer mostly because I wasn’t sure, whether he was really interested in me or just was fooling around me.

“That’s me. I am smart, you know that already. You make me feel embarrassed by letting me praise myself.” He replied with his usual teasing tone.

“Yeah. Yeah, whatever. Anyways, you guessed it right. He asked me, whether he can drop me today again. I mean I don’t know, I like him, yes. But, somewhere I feel he is playing with me. He is not serious about me. “

“And why do you feel so?”

“Because when I denied his offer of dropping me home, he asked Ankita the same thing. It was so annoying, but I said nothing and just left from there.”

” If you ask me, I don’t like him at all. But it’s you because of whom I have to listen to the stuffs related to him.” Rishi said smirking at me.

” It’s jealousy my friend. I don’t know why all the guys in our office envy him so much. Yes, I agree he is a man with a striking personality and his good charms can attract any girl at the very first sight.” I replied with a mischievous smile.

” Very funny though. It was the sad joke of the day. “

“Stop being so covetous, Rishi. I still remember the day I had entered into this office and as soon as I laid my eyes on him, I was awed by his personality. The only desire I had later was, If I get selected I want him to be my manager. “ I shyly replied.

” Anyways, it’s your choice at the end of the day, if you wish to run after a funny looking pig. I am always with you. But, just be careful. I don’t want you to get hurt. ” Replied Rishi in his sentimental tone.

“Aw, I will Rishi. I know that you are always there for me. I love you. And I know you love me so much that you fear I may get hurt.” 

” No ways. Who told you I love you! I guess you didn’t hear me properly. I fear that Ashok may get hurt. See yourself, so flabby, I mean so strong you are!” he replied sarcastically.


Two hours passed away, but our talk seemed to never end. We love being with each other and never realise how always, time was insufficient for us. We just never felt like going back home and always craved to go on with our vacuous talks. We are best friends and love each other, but not in the way you think. We are inseparable, but we never imagined to be Soul mates! We just wanted friendship, nothing beyond that. As not every friendship between a guy and a girl meant to turn in a love story!

Switching off the lights and closing the shutter of the office, we left with a smile on our faces. Our  togetherness was the sole reason behind the grin spread on our lips.

PS: All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 


Oh, I am Sorry

We get to hear sorry almost everyday. We say it so casually that it has lost its value, its meaning in life. It doesn’t mean that we do something wrong, we say sorry. Sorry means if someone makes a genuine mistake, if someone does something un-intentionally, he or she is liable to say sorry.

But nowadays we do wrong, knowing the fact that how the other person might feel and then want to sum it up with a word SORRY. We expect the other person to forgive us, when we don’t think twice about doing something without considering other people’s feelings. So guys, if you know your act is going to hurt someone and still you do it, please don’t be sorry. Be sorry, only when you take the whole responsibility of your act and do not expect forgiveness from the others.

Sorry said without realising your mistake isn’t even Sorry. In such cases, sorry only means that you just said it to end the argument that might start, but you don’t realise that you have actually hurt somebody. In a few cases, even after when somebody has forgiven you with a hope that you don’t do it again, you repeat the same thing and then casually say sorry. You make it as a habit of doing the same thing again and again without realising how the others are affected around you, because you get so used to with the act of wrongdoings followed by your word sorry which doesn’t have any meaning, any realisation or any feelings.

So guys, please stop saying Sorry as if it’s just a gesture that needs to be followed after something. Or else Sorry would just lose its value, its power. Say sorry with no expectation of being forgiven. Say sorry if you genuinely have hurt someone and promise to not repeat it in future. Say sorry if you have hurt somebody’s feelings or emotions un-intentionally. Be sorry upfront, if you are going to do something knowing that might hurt someone as that won’t be a mistake, but it would be considered as your choice, your values, your principles that wants you to do something in life.

Sorry won’t make you look less than others. So don’t just say Sorry, mean it.


Realise your worth

When you are the only one affected in any relationship,

It’s time that you realise, the person involved doesn’t bother about you feel.

Their acts would only hurt you,

But they would continue their life as if nothing has happened.

If you have to explain same things, same feelings repeatedly,

It’s time you realise that they have turned deaf ears.

Sooner you accept, sooner would you learn to respect your own feelings and won’t let yourself hurt.

– Heta Gala Naidu


A Random Post

Hey guys,

So like I said, I recently have shifted to a new country and yes the view that I get to see through the window everyday is really amazing like you can see in the video. Though my view is going to get obstruct soon by a new building that is being built, I just am happy. At least I got a few months to enjoy this view that I never have experienced before.

It’s all together a new life for me, where I will get to explore new things, will meet new faces and much more. Being an introvert, it’s tough to get adjust to a new place, but it’s nice to have such a peaceful home with an amazing view of the city. And it kinds of give me hope that everything will be good, don’t worry. Just standing by the window, taking in some fresh air, listening to some soothing music gives me positivity that I need.

The last few months have been very tough on me, so this new change in my life has given me some space, some peace and have opened the doors for some new experiences. So leaving the bad phase behind, I am waiting to explore this city and create some good memories that I can cherish forever.

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