Seven useful cheap flight hacks !!

How often do you travel? How much do you spend on flight tickets? Do you do your research before booking your tickets? Ask yourself, how much flexible you are with your travel dates or travel destination? The more flexible you are, the more possibility of you finding cheap flight tickets.

Hey Guys, I uploaded a video yesterday, where I share some useful tips & tricks that we use while booking our flight tickets. I & Pratish love to travel, but sometimes travelling could get costly. So before booking our flight tickets, we do our own research & try to find cheapest possible flights for ourselves so that we save more and we can travel more.

Watch our video on my channel & see what we do to save money on our flight tickets.


I hope this video is useful to you guys and also share your tips or tricks that you use while you book your flight tickets. Thank you for watching. See you in my next blog.

Watch our travel series- A trip to Nilgiris

So what’s this travel series is all about?

I had been to two amazing places in South India – Munnar & Kodaikanal, last year in November month. We stayed in Munnar just for a day and couldn’t do much around and we just explored private waterfall within the five star hotel we were staying in. In Kodaikanal, we stayed for 3 days and we did visit a few places and also did trek to Dolphin Nose, which is at the elevation of 6600 feet. Both the places are popular tourist places and Kodaikanal has been my favourite. I feel it’s a less explored gem of TamilNadu. The beautiful scenic view by road was just indescribable. Just watch my episodes and you will know what I am talking about.  

 I documented my entire travel and all the five episodes of my travel series are live on my channel. You can watch all the episodes here below

  1. Coimbatore to Munnar by road ( Episode One): 



2. Exploring the private waterfall inside the Five star hotel ( Episode Two) :


3. Munnar to Kodaikanal by road ( Episode Three) : 


4. Trek to Dolphin Nose ( Episode Four) : 


5. Did you know this about these top tourist places in Kodaikanal ( Episode Five ):


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Thank you for watching. See you in my next blog. 

Fun lego challenge we played! Husband v/s Wife

So a few days back, I and Pratish did this fun lego challenge where I build F.R.I.E.N.D.S lego set and Pratish builds NASA Apollo 11 lunar lander. Are you a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S or spaceships? I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S series and I guess I can watch it again and again. If you haven’t watched yet, you are missing something really good! If you have watched already, who is your favourite character? I love all of them, but if I have to choose then it has to be Phoebe Buffay !

Anyways, building lego was such a fun activity and we both enjoyed it.

It took us seven hours to build the lego sets respectively and I wouldn’t lie it was tiring especially doing it in front of the camera.

Who do you think wins? Share your guesses in comment section below and later do watch our video on YouTube.


I did this 😨!

Hey Guys,

So I have been busy around my work and also last week our friends from Sydney were here for a week, so days have been busy and great too. First of all, wish you all a Merry Christmas, I know I am quite late for this message, but yes Merry Christmas everyone😀.

So last week, I explored a few new places and one of the best experience I had was in Australia Zoo. I remember as a kid, I use to watch “Crocodile Hunter show” by Steve Irwin and I was happy that I got to visit his zoo here in Australia. I did something that I wouldn’t have thought to do otherwise😋. Do you know what?🤔

Have a look at the picture below.

Me holding a Python

I was scared no doubt😰, but if you ask me whether I would do this again, I would say Yes, but obviously under supervision of any experience person. I even held a lizard in my hand.

And the best part of my visit to this Zoo was, I was not shooting for any videos! That day was entirely meant for myself and not waiting for a correct time, light or place. I am definitely going to visit this place again. The way people who work at Australia Zoo took care of animals and also informed visitors in a gentle way to be kind towards the animals was really good.

I even went for trekking and it was amazing. Since the time, I am here in Australia, I have noticed people doing such activity on weekends.

Back in India, my weekends were all about visiting malls, watching a movie, meeting some relatives, attending functions, which I enjoyed to a certain extent. And I am not complaining, I love my country and I miss Aamchi Mumbai! But finding time for ourselves to do such activities, especially in a city like Mumbai was a little bit difficult. And here as we are new to this city, to this country, we have so much to explore and I feel weekends are the best time to explore.

We did this trek to Mount Beerburrum and we have to walk 700 meters uphill, which takes approximately 45-50 minutes to reach to the top. Though the walk was very very steep and we were complaining about our decision to be here. But as soon as we reached the top, the view of Glass House Mountains was spectacular. We were happy that we did that trek.

View of some of the Glass House Mountains

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Lastly, in last week I uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel, which is Episode One of “A trip to Nilgiris” travel series. If you remember, I visited India in October and I did vlog through some of my travels. This series is close to my heart as I visited and did vlog about one of my favourite places in India. Check the video below and Subscribe to my channel too 🙂

Thank you for reading my post and have a nice day🙂.

I am back from my vacation..!

Hey guys,

How are you all doing? The ones who always read my posts, thank you so much. I know I am blogging after a really long time and the reason is I was on a very long vacation for almost one and half month and I came home from my vacation just 15 days back. Later I got busy with my YouTube work and I really couldn’t spare time even for reading a book. There was too much to do and I felt the time I had after doing all my chores was dedicated towards my sleep. Yes, I have been sleeping less these days because of my editing work mostly, but now things are somewhat settled and I can make some time for my blog.

I started my blog in year 2012, and at that time, I use to enjoy writing. Even today I do, but mostly I write in my diary these days. The kind of engagement I use to receive a few years back for my blog has changed from what I receive today. I don’t mean to hurt anyone, but these days people like your posts mostly to get the likes back. I really hate the idea behind it, but that’s the reality these days. So I feel less motivated to write here, but I love to write and also to read and I do that almost daily, even though be it offline.

Anyways, coming to my YouTube, I have posted two videos on my channel which is about my road trip to Sydney and the places that we visited during the entire trip from Brisbane to Sydney.  If you wish to watch, you can. The link to my videos are below:

Part One:

Part Two:

So my trip started with a beautiful road journey to Sydney. On our way to Sydney, we visited Byron Bay and Forest Sky pier, a lookout point which gives you stunning coastal view of the Coffs Harbour city on one side and beautiful mountains on the other. Have a look at the video ( Part One ) for that. I also keep on sharing a lot of pictures on my Instagram, so if you wish to follow me, you can. My Instagram handle: @thepinkdiarybyheta

On day two in Sydney, we visited Sri Venkateswara Temple which is located in  Helensburgh, NSW, Australia. The temple is surrounded by greenery everywhere and is also close to the ocean. It is one of the most visited hindu temple in Sydney. Watch the second part of the series to see the temple. ( the second link above)

So this is it for today. I am going to start to work on my India trip from today and I am already reliving those days by just watching the videos that I have shot. Hopefully it turns out well. Anyways, thank you for reading my post and also watching my videos. Have a great day.

Sabudana Laddoo recipe-Navratri special

Hey Guys,

Hope you all are doing great. So as Navaratri has started, I thought to share this recipe.

I have mentioned the ingredients and recipe in detail  in the above video. So watch the entire video.
Ingredients that we need:
(1 cup = 250 ml)
-Tapioca Pearls ( Sabudana )- Half cup
– Raw Sugar – 1/4 th cup ( You can adjust the quantity of sugar as per the sweetness level you need )
– Ghee – 3 tbsp
– Cardamom powder – 1/4tbsp
– Desiccated coconut – 2 Tbsp
– Almonds – 5
– Cashews – 5
– Milk – 3 Tbsp
PLEASE NOTE: At 1:38 minutes, when I add powdered sugar, also add Desiccated coconut and mix everything. I forgot to mention the same in the video.
Enjoy the festive season that has already started and do try the recipe.
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The amazing drive to Springbrook National Park

Hey Guys,

Yesterday I shared a video on my Instagram of our day’s trip to the Springbrook National park, which is a part of the world’s heritage listed Gondwana Rainforests in Australia. The roads to this beauty were so amazing and scenic. Going to share a vlog soon. Watch this video of our drive to this amazing place.

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Hope you enjoy watching this video🙂.

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PowerBeats pro in colours

Hi Guys,

Good Afternoon to all. So yesterday we uploaded a new Unboxing and review video of PowerBeats pro. We have been waiting for them to arrive in different colours, we can choose from, as we were not much into buying the black ones. So finally they are here and we did a quick unboxing and review video on it. Have a look below:

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Thank you for watching the video and reading our post. Have a great day.





Life lessons-7

We have an image of a perfect life in our mind, but the reality is we never know what is going to happen. When things don’t work, we as humans are bound to feel sad and you know what it’s ok to have that feeling. Let those emotions out, release yourself, ease your burden and cry it out. But never give up on what you believe. If you still have some hope, give it a try, focus and give your 100%. If you fail, at least you know you tried and if you win, thank yourself for not losing hope on you. Life is never going to perfect, it’s us, who have to accept and be thankful for what we have or we have achieved, as there are many who wish to live our life. What you guys think?