Unconditional Love

IMG-20130712-WA0001Love.What you understand by the word LOVE.! In my dictionary love means respect,trust between two people.Its an unconditional bond shared between two souls. There are various real life examples of love birds like Romeo and Juliet, Heer and Ranja and many more who had shared a very strong relationship and proved people that love comes before anything in their life.Love doesn’t see caste, religion,community,country.One should have deep feelings for each other and should share a promise to be with each other for lifetime.I would like to share one such true based story about two souls for whom love was their only world-TARA aka Tanisha and Rayan. Monsoon Days.!!season of Love and romance. It was raining outside .People were rushing for their offices,kids were enjoying the drop of rains and were excited for their first day of school,Teenagers were getting ready for their colleges.Tanisha Ahuja was almost ready and was excited for her first day in college.She completed her schooling from Maniratnam university ,Mumbai. She was very simple , sweet , long-haired girl with cute dimples on her cheeks which made her more pretty.She was the darling of her father.Her mother had passed away when she was just five years old and then after her father use to look after her and her younger sister Kiara Ahuja who was in eight standard.Her father Mr Rushabh Ahuja worked in MNC named Pinnacle as Marketing Executive. ” Dad i am leaving for my college” said Tanisha. “Baby , Did you have your breakfast?asked her Dad. “Yes Dad i did! Love you Dad and take care.” Said Tanisha.”Bye my love and take care” father said and then she left. “Rayan get up Beta. Why haven’t you got up yet.!Today is your first day in college and you are already late!”said his mom. Rayan Shroff was a charming but clumsy guy.He is the only son of his parents . He was silver spooned by his parents as he was the only son of their small family. Rayan got ready and had his diet breakfast with protein shake and kissed his mom on her cheeks and left in his Mercedes car. Rayan’s Dad Mr Ayaan Shroff was a millionaire. He owned a company named Shroff and Sons company. Rayan’s mother Mrs Sohini Shroff was a housewife. At mere age of nineteen , his mother got married to his father who was twenty six years old. Rayan’s father was only son of his parents and so after Rayan’s grandparents passed away, his father was sole owner of all properties. They live in a posh area of Mumbai with a sea facing house. Tanisha was nervous for her first day in college. Her college named NMS was based in Bandra , Mumbai. It was one of the top colleges. Tanisha entered her college. She was introvert kind of person and was very shy in talking. On the other hand,Rayan was courageous, fun loving guy and was very extrovert kind of guy. He had secured admission in college because of big donation given by his Dad. Later, They both entered their class.Tanisha was sitting on the first bench of the class whereas Rayan took a seat on the last bench.As soon as Rayan entered his class , he saw Tanisha sitting there.He was amazed by her looks and charmed by her personality.Even though he was sitting on the last bench, he was staring Tanisha continuously. Tanisha was busy in her books . She was a brilliant student. She had secured 83% in her SSC exam whereas Rayan secured 65%. He was average as compared to Tanisha. During one period she caught a glimpse of Rayan staring at her.She looked at him and turned away from him. After the first day of college got over,Rayan approached Tanisha.”Hi,I am Rayan, your classmate” said Rayan.” Hi I am Tanisha”.said confused Tanisha.”So how was your first day.It seemed too boring.I mean professors giving lectures, Ohh man it was tiring” said Rayan.Tanisha kept quiet for while. Later though she answered.”My day was good. Specially I liked the Professor Shukla lecture, the way he explained the demand and supply thesis, it was quite interesting”said Tanisha. This way their first conversation started. Though Tanisha was a shy girl but some where she too got attracted towards Rayan. Days passed by , Tanisha and Rayan soon were close friends.Both of them use to go the college together. Rayan use to pick and drop Tanisha for college , few mins away from her lane so that no one watched her going with him. They roamed around,watched movie, talk over phones. They were enjoying each others company. Two years came to an end , and Tanisha was in deep love with Rayan. She couldn’t express her feelings to Rayan and so she was waiting for Rayan to take step. One fine day, Rayan asked “Tanisha,Lets go to my friend’s place. He has some party over there ” . Tanisha couldn’t say a No to Rayan.”OK,Lets Go” said Tanisha. They both went to Rayan friends place. Rayan took out the keys and opened the door. Tanisha got nervous.”Rayan , why are you opening his house. I mean you told me its your friend’s place and he is having a party here. So why isn’t your friend there to greet us!”said Tanisha.”Tanisha do you trust me!”Said Rayan.”Yes , I do , But” said Tanisha.Before she could complete her sentence, Rayan puts his hands on her lips and said” Then just follow with me”. They both entered the house. It was dark inside. Rayan held her hand and let her inside and closed the doors behind.”Darling just wait here, I will be back in a min” said Rayan. “Ok! but be quick I am afraid of darkness”Said Tanisha.After two mins, Rayan came with a piece of cloth and blindfolded her eyes , held her hands and took her to a room.Tanisha mouth was just opened . She was amazed by seeing candles everywhere.She was startled watching it. The room was full of red balloons and red roses.It had candles in shape of heart in the middle of the room.In the center of that heart, it was written” Tanisha baby, I Love You”.Tears rolled down her cheeks.She hugged Rayan back. Tanisha whispered in his ear ” I love you too Rayan”.Rayan held her tightly and said” Tanisha , the day i saw you i was in love with you,with your smile, with your eyes, everything”. They embraced each other and were standing in that moment for a while.Later he gifted Tanisha a spagetti dress. They were almost closed to each other and their nose touched each other.Rayan grabbed Tanisha’s hair and they both closed their eyes and they had their first kiss. Later they had a very good time and enjoyed their moment. Years passed by, Tanisha and Rayan had completed their 3 years of relationship. Their parents dint knew about their relation. Rayan and Tanisha were in their last year of graduation .Both were happy in their relationship and loved each other unconditionally. There was never a time when they dint met. Every single day they made sure they at least got five minutes to meet each other. Even if they had a fight , they would patch up soon. One day Tanisha was alone at her home. Her father was at work and her sister had gone for her maths classes. She had taken leave from college as she wasn’t feeling well.She planned to call Rayan at her place . Rayan was busy in helping his father in his business. He told Tanisha he will come but she has to wait for him. She was fine with it and got busy in preparing food for herself and Rayan,when suddenly her house door bell rang.She had wore the dress which Rayan had gifted her during her proposal.She thought of Rayan and go very excited and opened the door. Her smile faded when she saw two men entering her house. She asked them who they were. But before she could do anything , she was pushed hardly to the floor. She looked up and she saw them closing the door behind her. She yelled, shouted at them, called for help.Both guys were around forties in their age and grabbed her and covered her mouth with sellotape. Tanisha was very scared. She tried everything but couldn’t help herself. Both the guys were staring at each other with a wicked smile on their faces. They were looking at her body and were tempted to touch her.They took Tanisha in her bedroom and pushed her on the bed.Tanisha was crying but she couldn’t do anything.Both guys clenched her hands and legs and removed her clothes. One man held her legs and another one unzipped his trouser and lied over Tanisha , held her arms and raped her.” Tanisha cried for help but no one seem to hear her pain. In sometime other guy too removed his pants and raped her.She got unconscious. Both the men , wore their clothes back and robbed her house and ran away. After an hour time, Rayan came at her place. He was confused as to why Tanisha home was open! He entered and asked for her ” Tanisha baby, where are you” .As soon as he entered , he saw things scattered here and there. He ran inside quickly and started searching for her. He entered her room and saw her naked . He just went beside her .” Tanisha, what happened, Tanisha answer me, Who came here,Tanisha , Are you Listening Tanisha!!.said Rayan. She din’t respond. He even notices that her wardrobe was open and her house was robbed.He din’t bother much at that time and took her in his arms and rushed to the Hospital, but by the time he reached, Tanisha had left him forever. Police were called , Tanisha and Rayan parents came to the hospital. Tanisha’s dad lost his control and fell down. He was broken seeing her daughter lying on the bed saying nothing. Kiara too was crying. Rayan’s parents asked Rayan about the incident. But Rayan’s mind was not present there. He just couldn’t believe his love had left him. He recollects all the moment ,which he spent with her, the time they met for the first time, their outings, their first kiss, their vows they had taken for each other promising to love each other forever and death if it comes it takes them together. Rayan told inspector what all he saw and what all happened! After around a year , those two criminals were caught.Those two men use to live in the nearby slum area. They had planned long back to rob Tanisha’s place. They confessed their crime too. Tanisha’s dad never smiled after his daughter’s death. Kiara missed her elder sister too. After that incident, Rayan had left Mumbai. Till date no one knows about his whereabouts. Not only Rushabh Ahuja( Tanisha’s father) lost her daughter but Rayan’s Dad Mr Ayaan too lost his child. They had even tried talking and convincing Rayan to come back but he dint. He use to call his parents once in 6months from different places and phone numbers. Till the time, the number was traced ,police and his parents tried to reach him, he was gone! . This incident was shared by one of my friends and I thought of sharing with you all. Love of TARA was Unconditional and after his soul mate death, Rayan ran away , somewhere far where nobody can disturb him and his world of love.


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