Child Trafficking-A Shame!


In Child Trafficking , young children are kidnapped or abducted and exploited in various ways. According to International Labor Organization estimation, around 1.2million children are trafficked every year!. Some of them are forced into labor work , some are sexually exploited and some are forced to beg on roads. There was this story of eight year old girl from New Delhi named Miss P who got disappeared when she was a year old. Her family did everything to find their daughter, but they failed. Her mom went into depression after she lost her child. After eight years , their neighbor visited to one temple in Amritsar , where they saw a girl who completely resembled like Miss P who was begging  near the temple side. They informed her parents and their parents immediately came. Initially that girl refrain to come with them as she hardly recognized anyone. But finally her mom convinced her and even those people who were into the business of kidnapping child were caught. There are many movies which have projected over this issue (real life incidents). How children were kidnapped and transported to various cities or part of the world and how they were victimized. Some children were sexually exploited. They were forced into sex. Many cried out of pains and never came to know what was happening with them. Some people,companies or even politicians to entertain themselves and please their foreign clients, force innocent children into sex. It was heart breaking when i saw how children were forced into it and cried in pain! How a human can be so insensitive!.
I was watching this morning, one show named “Savadhan India – India fight backs” (Real incidents based show). I like watching reality shows. Today one episode of this show just made me post over this issue! A guy named Master S lived with his father named Mr A. Master S belongs to very poor family who lives in a slum area. He lost his mother at a very young age. His father use to sell mangoes on roads by approaching every single  vehicle passing by. One day while selling mangoes, his father met with an accident and his left leg got injured.  People gathered around and admitted him to a nearby hospital. When Master S returned from school, he saw his home locked. He waited for many hours outside the home for his father. After sometime he thought of going to the place where his father usually sold mangoes. He couldn’t find his father. He asked traffic police of that area who told him about his father being taken to hospital. Master S reached hospital and saw his father lying outside one ward unattended. He went near his father and asked him what all has happened and why is he not taken to general ward or given a bed!His father told him that doctor have operated on his injuries but they need money to check him  for few more days and allocate him some bed. He explains his child that for now they dint have any money and he has to lie this way until he gets well. He told his son to go back home but instead of going home Master S thought of collecting money for his unwell father. He took boxes of mangoes and went to the signal where his dad usually did his work. He had succeeded in collecting at least a little money and thought of going to hospital. On his way to the hospital, group of two to three guys surrounded him and threaten him to give those money. Master S denied to give and told them this was for his hospitalized father. But those guys beat Master S very badly and took away his money. Master S ran to the traffic police and explained him his plea. With the help of traffic police, he got back his earned money from those gang of guys.  He went to the hospital and got some food for his father. He even stopped going school because of the current condition.
Next day when Master S was selling mangoes those gang of guys appeared again and dragged him with them. Actually these guys worked for one of Mafia who was “most wanted ” . This mafia gang kidnapped children and forced them into begging business. Master S was brought to the mafia leader who then locked him in one dark room which was equivalent to a  toilet room. Master S was crying out for help. He was tortured every single day. With him there were eleven other children who were kidnapped and locked in that room. For almost eight days he was locked in that room. He was then forced to work for them. This mafia group forced children to beg on roads and collect money and give it to him. When Master S could not collect much money, a very heart throbbing thing happened to him. The mafia leader heated a spoonful of oil and splashed into Master S both eyes . He thought by doing this public would pity him and give him money.!How  on earth can a person do such kind of inhuman thing!!! Even those children were hardly given to eat or drink. Few were even drugged !! After Master S father got discharged from the hospital , he rushed to home. After he could not find his son , he interrogates neighbors, school teachers and even that traffic police. At that time he realized something wrong must have happened to his child. Though with the help of police he found his son who could not recognize his father as he lost his eyes. He was so scared and petrified to say anything to his father or police because he was been told that if he utter a single thing to anyone they will kill his father. But finally Master S told police everything. He took police to that place and whole gang got arrested.
Like this child (Master S) there are lakhs of children who were exploited and were run by such mafia  and some are still exploited in  some or other part of the world. It’s a shame how our “to be a future generation” are either abandoned by their parents and then landed up in this mess or some who are abducted and forced into such mess. Though many of organization are working to eradicate child trafficking by various research done by them and accordingly proposing some solution but still this problem is not completely solved till date!


PS: Above written story is true based but character names are fictitious.


7 thoughts on “Child Trafficking-A Shame!

  1. First India is totally corrupted country now… if we write about the major social problems only, then also blogsphere’s allotted space will be insufficient..secondly people here are mostly unaware of their rights…and our society….here if you go for justice, you will have to pay it with your one leg and one hand departed…!! Is there solution to it??? Is there?

    • There can be solution but our laws are not that strict !There are many pending cases which still need to be here in the court and there are some which comes to light after so long decades that victim is no more alive !!some just dont get justice because they dont have proof! Fr justice we have to pay a lot in return. !

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