Rape- Biggest chronic sin !

Rape is one of  the common crime in India. Everyday I get up in the  morning ,I either see a column or an article over it in a newspaper or some news channel showcasing such incident. It’s so awful when we hear such things.! In Delhi city, rape case  incidents are so high! Statistics shows a huge increase in counts this year which is 806(till June 20, 2013)as compared to last year for the same period it was 330!Even molestation complaints filed with Delhi police is around 1780 in six months whereas in last year it was 270!Its a big shame how a girl’s , women’s security is at a risk. Few months back there was a shocking news where a small baby around six years old was raped in a public toilet!! She was found half-naked ,bleeding very badly and was crying in pain. Doctors told that the private part of the baby has been damaged due to sexual assault or insertion of a foreign object. A six-year-old who was not even aware what has happened with her. She was just crying out loud when that bastard guy just raped her!I am really sorry for using such abusive language for him but how could a person be such a monster! Doesn’t he have any sister or mother!!How inhuman it was!! I was almost in rage when I read that article!
There was one more incident which was horrifying too!A thirteen year old girl who lived in  outskirts of Bihar city. She lived with her parents and two younger siblings(a sister and a brother). Let me call her Miss P. Once while returning from her school which was 2kms away from her home, a gang of 3 guys were teasing her. They surrounded her and started singing songs , whistling and were getting physical with her. One of the guy from the gang was the  son of a well-known sarpanch of that village. Miss P got scared and just ran away from there. But this kept continuing. Those guys followed her everyday and tried to  molest her. She never disclosed this thing to her parents or her siblings. She was going through this all alone. She dint wanted her family to take unnecessary tensions.( This is where she was going wrong and she dint even know how she will be paying for it in the future)  Next day, when she was returning as usual from her school, same thing happened and with huge courage she slapped one guy and  warned every guy to stop following or teasing her or else she will complain to sarpanch about it. On the very same night , when she was sleeping on terrace of her home with her family, those guys climbed through pipe of her home and  threw  acid on her face. She screamed and everyone got up. Her brother saw those guys running from there. They immediately took her to nearby village hospital. She was taken to operation theatre and then shifted to “Burns ward”. She was screaming every moment. Every pain in her body was killing her. From head to waist area she was completely burned. Her parents couldn’t even recognize their daughter. Soon she was admitted to big hospital where there were more facilities available to treat her. Doctors had already warned their parents that their daughter was in very critical situation. She couldn’t  eat or swallow anything. Her food was supplied in liquid form through a pipe to her. In that critical situation, miss P consoled her father she will be alright and not to worry for her(but inside she was dead completely). Meanwhile her father filed a police complaint against those guys and even those guys got arrested. But after few months everyone got bail as one of the accused belong to sarpanch’s family. Nine continuous years that girl fought for herself. After nine years those guys got arrested again as summoned by High court. It was her strength , courage which put those guys behind the bars!. Though she always cried seeing her face in mirror. She didn’t had money to go for plastic surgery as she belongs to a poor family. Though cities like Mumbai , Chennai are safe as compared to others but still they are no exception. There was one more case where a married woman was brutally raped by her husband. After that her husband took a wine  bottle and broke it into two pieces and inserted into her genitals. Even after her genitals were stitched she bled continuously. She must have gone through immense pain beyond all our imagination.!From a small girl to an elder woman no one is an exception to this crime! There are many cases which are still pending and victims are waiting for justice!
A girl is a mother, a child, a sister of someone. Respect them, love them . She is not some toy to be played with! I feel every girl must be taught self-defense techniques. It should be made compulsory subject in every schools and colleges. Also every boy/man must be taught by their parents and teachers  how to respect a woman.



4 thoughts on “Rape- Biggest chronic sin !

  1. Hey thanks for the comment and opinion too 🙂 i am twenty five years old 🙂 and ya i felt that my post was precise but sure will consider your view 😉 comments and people views are always welcome 🙂

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