School Days- A Most Unforgettable Journey of My Life :-)


In life, there are three most important stages which almost we all have gone through. School life, college life and adulthood (entering a new world of responsibilities). But most of you will agree with me that, School life was the best stage of our life. (Though, I liked my college life too, but the school life was unforgettable one). Even today, I tell my mom, if I had a choice of going back in my old days, I would always opt to revisit my school life again : -) . Let me take you all back and rewind some of the best memories of our life.; -)
Initially we all must have cried when our parents first took us to school. First day of our school, when we were not ready to leave our parents’ fingers 😛  afraid to go to new place. Finally bell rings and our parents bribe us to give us something if we attend our school and then we agree to it with a big smile on our faces and go to our respective class. (But from inside, we still scream quietly -Mummy : -( ). After a few days pass by, we start enjoying. We make new friends. It’s the age we never judge people around us. We never have any tensions of earning money and run our lives. In school, our only worries were completing homework and passing in our exams with a good score. I had two best friends and we shared a special bond. We went together to school. During recess, we shared our tiffin boxes (excited what others have brought :-P). During the exams, we were engrossed in studying to secure good marks and on the other hand, in some part of our heart we were excited to enjoy our coming summer vacation ;-). During school days, birthday celebrations was, standing in front of the class and our classmates would stand up, clap their hands and sing a song “It’s the hap hap happy birthday, it’s the hap happy birthday to you. Take a bow, take a bow on your birthday, it’s a hap hap happy birthday, happy birthday to you” :-). Later we distributed chocolates (eclairs, toffee, coffee bite :-P) to every classmate, but today we throw parties on our birthdays. Earlier few bucks were enough to celebrate our birthday, but today 1000 bucks are even less to celebrate it. Lol.  Pattice and Vadapav were the most popular dishes in our school canteen. (My personal favorite was Pattice :-D) Almost every day, I had that in the recess.
Every year there use to be a one day trip. I remember till class fifth or sixth we went to place called Kaman Vasai. This place is  situated between Virar and Vasai road. Our school has one small place  which is spread to a huge acres of land. It is divided into two sections. On one part, there was a cottage which had  two adjacent rooms, one for boys and another for girls. And on the other side was a swimming pool. Remaining part of the land was used to  play hide and seek, badminton, passing the passer and many more games. In the evening, we use to enjoy swimming. Later from seventh standard our picnic spots were Water Kingdom or Esselworld. (Once we even had been to Tikkujini wadi too). Even there were  long trips every once in a year, which included international trips too. Being from a conservative family, I was never allowed for such trips :-(. But in my ninth standard, finally I got a chance to go out for a fourteen day trip to Kerala. (Me, my sister, her best friend and my best friend were in one group). It was an awesome trip and I have no words to describe my experience and the scenic beauty of  Kerala. We had visited at many places like Thekkady, Munnar, Kodaikanal, Cochin. Also later in Tenth standard we went for a four days trip to Mahableshwar. It was my best and one of the unforgettable trip. I  can’t describe in a word or a few sentences, how to the core, I enjoyed myself.
In school, our day started  with Prayers and ended with reciting the National Anthem. School was like my second home. It was not only the place where our teacher taught us various subjects like Maths, Science, Geography, History but also made us perfect in whatever we did.  I remember how one of our teachers always told us ” enjoy these days as school days will never come back and you will miss them the most). It’s a phase of our life which we will cherish forever.
Even today when I pass by my school, I feel like going inside and only one thought comes in my mind”Why have I grown up, I miss you: -( ..” I express my gratitude to all my teachers and principal for whatever, I am today, one-third role was played by them. I am proud to be from Childrens Academy :-).


9 thoughts on “School Days- A Most Unforgettable Journey of My Life :-)

  1. I always hated school. I loved studying books, but hated leaving home. I was and continue to be addicted to my home.
    my first day at school was traumatic…for my Principal, whose cassock I pulled and clenched in my tantrum. Poor dear!

  2. God i miss all my school days again and again…especially the trips we all had gone,,,it’s like the some part of that fun and masti will never comeback…

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