Happy Friendship Day :-)


Friendship is a special bond shared between two or more people. Life without friendship is like a life without any spice , fun or happiness. People who share a strong and a healthy friendship are proven to be happier in their life. The first  friendship  day was declared for 30th july1958. Though different countries have different dates to celebrate this occasion,some 8th April of every year, some 30th July. In India, first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day.
Today when I was traveling by train, my eyes caught a group of college going girls. They were giggling ,showing each other their hands which were full of friendship bands. Their hands were printed with different people’s names and also wishes were written “Happy Friendship Day” :-)with marker or ball pens. I recollected my college days ,how we celebrated our friendship day. Many shops nearby our college  use to sell friendship bands of different designs, size , colors. There were also the different greeting cards with some messages on it. :-). Me and my group ( 5 stars group 😉 )  tied this bands and wished each other happy friendship day. We made new friends too . Some use to wish by writing happy friendship day or their names on others. (Personally i hated this idea of scribbling something with marker pen on hands 😦 😛 ).Then we 5stars group use to roam out , grab something to eat or drink.  We either went to Juhu beach or some mall to play games. Sometimes we use to  just hangout  at someone’s place and enjoyed our day with loads of talks! 😉
Also in my earlier workplace, I had made a few good friends and our group was named as Vrockxx 🙂 .We celebrated almost every festival in our office. Our HR team had come up with a good idea of celebrating friendship day. A bowl full of chits with our names on it was prepared and later everyone chose one chit anda gift was  to be given to that person whose name appeared on that chit. It was quite an interesting way of enjoying. Next day we all entered the office and were loaded with excitement. Personally, I had surprised my colleagues and my boss by placing a small cute friendship card with  adjectives describing that person 😉 . They all had loved it( I even got a return gift-a slogan tee 😉 ) . Then during lunch hours we played the game.  All gifts  were  wrapped in a small bag with the name of person to whom it should be gifted and placed on one corner . HR  head took one by one , called out name written on the gift and disclosed who gave whom and what 😀 . All of us, exchanged smiles and wished each other.(though some liked their gifts and some din’t, but showed they were happy 😛 ). I miss all those days.

After seeing those girls in the train, I recollected all my memories, every single thing got flashback and  I thank god  to bless me with such a wonderful people as friends in my life. Friendship is a mutual relation in which we not only share our happiness but also our sorrows. Friends are equal to our family members. Life without them seems nothing. Now though things have changed ,we are  busy in our life, but still we make a point to wish each other. Thanks to the technology(Gmail, Gtalk, Whatsapp..) which made it easy to pass on our message in a few seconds to our loved ones.
This blog is dedicated to all my best friend ,my 5star group and my Vrockxx group 😉  . Wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day. Thanks for giving me so good memories in my life which i will cherish forever . Loads of love :-* .



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