A walk by Seaside!!


It was Sunday. I had got up early that morning . My mind was running with many thoughts , tensions 😦 . I was not feeling good.  I had a feel of fatigue. I splashed  my face with some cold water , but still that creepy thoughts were not stopping 😦 I went near my window , looked above and was staring at clean clouds. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and just thought of having a stroll alone over a beach 🙂
Beaches are the place which always fantasize me 😀  I got down my building,boarded train to my destination. After around 45minutes i got down from train and started moving towards beach(which is exactly in front of station). The cold breeze touched my face.  I removed my footwear (chappals) and started walking bare feet.  The white and cream color naked sand touched my bare foot . It was quite nice atmosphere. Some people around me were doing their daily jog,some couples holding their hands were enjoying their walk and talk, a small kid was busying in making his sand castle . His parents were telling him to use some plastic tools of sandbox set but the kid was happy using his bare hands 🙂 I had taken an iPod and was listening to my favorite(slow romantic songs). Not only my body was moving with rhythm of song playing but also my hair were dancing with cold breeze 😉 .I suddenly started feeling fresh, I went near water and stood there.  I was gazing at the blue sky, and huge  waves was coming near  and it touch my foot. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths. It was activating my positive cells of the body and suddenly all my tensions vanished.  I took walk by the seaside almost for an hour and was feeling much better by now 🙂


Girgaum Chowpatty is one of the famous beaches adjoining Marine Drive in the Mumbai city. When I use small, my parents always took me to this beach as one of our picnic spot. We use to start walking straight from Marive Drive and ended our walk at this beach. After a long walk , we use to  sit on the white sand , (which was very cold)and enjoyed the view of sun set. 🙂 The cold breeze just made us feel good . After that we use to eat at chowpatty food joints (food stall on one corner of the beach). There were many small stalls selling different variation of food,cold drinks and dessert . My personal best was having paani puri,ice  golas and paan. 😉


There is one more beach in Kutch(my native place 🙂 )seeing which I was amused when I had been there first. 😀 . It is situated in a place called Maska, Mandvi city. We were travelling by car , when my attention caught the tomb shaped thing. When we neared , i realise that it was tomb shaped temple which is called as Ravarpir Dada temple. We entered the perfectly carved temple and worshipped the god. Suddenly i saw there is this huge beach nearby temple. I was astonished by the view I saw from the temple. Soon me and my siblings started walking towards it.  The whole beach was vacant. I was ecstatic when I saw flaming bird near shore of the sea. I was amazed by the  beauty of the beach. I started walking on naked sand and was enjoying the cold breeze and the  atmosphere. I and my siblings started playing with clean water of the sea. 😀 On my right side , I noticed windmill rotating. The whole view of clear blue sky above, the temple behind, water underneath my foot, flaming birds playing on my left and windmill on my right was mesmerizing. In night , stars were clearly visible. After that day, I always made sure to visit this place whenever I was in Kutch 🙂


When ever I am at such places, I always felt that this time gets freeze and never ends. I feel content and happy. 🙂 So guys , there must have been some place,some moment which you want to freeze and cherish for a lifetime. If yes  then do let me know 😉


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