Women Empowerment !!


She is one of the  most beautiful god created species on the earth. 🙂 In ancient days, a girl childbirth was counted as a curse to a family. Some girl child were killed after they were born, but some were killed even before they enter into this world. By mere sex determination , women were forced to abort their child either by the operations or intake of the medicines. I was horrified when I heard from my female servant that her newborn baby was killed by throwing her in hot vessels of milk ,just because she was a girl!  x-(( Today, though such things do not exists ,but still somewhere in some corner of the world ,this rituals of either killing a girl child or abortion are done if a girl child is detected in mother’s womb 😦  Not only this ritual takes place in villages where most people are illiterate but also it is  followed in many cities where literate people are no exception in such crimes!
In today’s world, every woman is equal to man. There are various examples where a woman has shown that they are equally competitive to man in every step of the life.
1)Kanaklata Barua, an Indian freedom fighter from Assam had joined the Quit India Movement. She fought for our freedom and laid down her life when she was mere seventeen years old.
2)Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit (sister of Jawaharlal Nehru) was the first women appointed as a minister in India.
3)Indira Gandhi (daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru) got influenced by her father and decided to work for her country INDIA. She was appointed first woman Prime Minister of our country.
4) There were other women too, like Sarojini Naidu, Padmaja Naidu (daughter of Sarojini Naidu), Kasturba Gandhi (wife of the great father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi), Sucheta Kripalani, Rani Laxmibai who worked for their country with complete dedication, bravery and laid down their lives for their motherland. 🙂
5)Kamaljeet Sandhu , the former Indian athlete had won gold medal at1970 Asian games. Later she even received the Padma Shri Award for her work.
6)Kalpana Chawla ,first Indian American astronaut. She was the first Indian woman who had gone to space.
7) Kiran Bedi, a social activist and retired IPS officer was the first woman police officer in IPS. She has set up NGOs named Navjyoti India Foundation and India Vision Foundation. Her work had won national and international recognition.
Women are equal to Men. All rights are same for both the sexes. My own mother, she is a housewife. My home is run by her. She is the first person to get up in the morning and starts her household works. She works twenty-four hours a day on all 365 days, but never complained about anything. I am proud to be her daughter. 🙂 Whatever I am today, she plays a major role in my upbringing and my present life. It’s a saying, a girl becomes a woman at very small age, but a guy will gain maturity at age of thirty.! A woman is so not only caring, but most powerful and strong in every aspect of her life. In yesterday newspaper I had read an article which showed how a literate woman (Yogita Raghuvanshi) who has a Bcom and LLB degree , is a truck driver now. After her husband’s death, She is a single parent of her two children. For instant salary and money she got into this job.I salute her for her courage.
Todays women can support her family, husband financially too. The days are gone when only men use to work out and were sole earning person of the family. Now women not only handle household chores, but also works in offices ,set up their own business and manage their life.
My eyes get wet with tears 😦 when I still hear a story when a child  is killed just because she is a girl. We have developed in so many ways, but in some parts of the country , people are still orthodox as they consider a girl child as a curse to their family. I am proud to be a girl. Proud to be born in a family where the  birth of a girl is referred to as Birth of Goddess Lakshmi in the house 🙂 I salute every woman out there , we are special and equal to everyone. My aunt always told me” a person who disrespected a woman can never be happy, however rich he is in monetary terms”.

Respect every woman in your life. A person who respects a girl, woman, mother, wife is  a true man in real sense. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Women Empowerment !!

  1. Nice one keep up the good work…I also read the article..I was blown away with the womens courage…it was written there is one more women trucker like her… its truly an eye opener for all the jerks who say girl child is a curse..

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  3. Great one Heta! keep going. Women empowerment really needs a lot of strong initiatives to empower Indian Women. Like Sahara has initiated a program named as Sahara Q Saathi for women empowerment and entrepreneurship, these kind of initiatives India really needs to have at the moment.

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