Long live my friend :-)

It’s a hap hap hap happy birthday,
It’s a hap happy birthday to you,
Take a bow ,take a bow on your birthday,
Show them how show them how on your birthday,
May you live to be a 100 and more,
It’s a hap hap hap happy birthday
It’s a hap happy birthday to you.    tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-072
Many many happy returns of the day My friend. Let me call him Mr Y. 🙂 A  tall skinny guy with big radiant smile is a friend,best friend ,brother everything to me. 🙂 We met during my previous workplace. I was surrounded by oldie goldies colleagues  either who were married or had crossed the age of fifty or some just acted like an elderly person. 😛 . When I first saw you, I thought even you belong to their group(I thought you were boring married man) but that was not the case. I still remembered how we all colleagues formed a small group and had our lunch together 🙂 Once you had ordered samosas for everyone(well I had told no for it !)and how one leftover samosa was offered to me by you as no one was having because of their fully loaded belly 😦 Though I had felt bad at that time but today when I recollect  it , I laugh like anything. You are actually an innocent sweet guy whose smile is contagious. Whenever I felt low or was stressed with work,having conversations with you made me happy. 🙂 The faded smile turns into a  joyous and cheerful one 🙂tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-012

You have always supported me my friend. I loved the time when after working hours we shared every single thing of the day. Songs playing behind, two cups of tea and packet full of bourbon biscuits made our conversation very lovely. 🙂 You are so blessed my friend that because of your innocent nature and good attitude hardly you had any foes. You are adored and respected by each and every single person in your life. Your smile ,your simplicity,innocent childlike face is the most I admire today. 🙂 The times when we had serious conversations you hardly commented on anything,you just listened to it with brooding and sardonic face. 😦 Sometimes when you were speechless ,I always thought that you don’t understand what I am saying but somewhere I know you are always there for me. 🙂
When i reminisce those days , a broad smile appears on my face with an urge of having those days back. 😦 Today in this busy lives ,we do not get time to talk everyday, but every single day my friend you are remembered 🙂 You are more than a best friend or a brother to me.
Thank you God for giving me such a friend who is just different from others but  trustworthy and amicable friend 🙂 On this occasion of your birthday,hordes of wishes from bottom of my heart and hope all your wishes comes true. Miss you and loads of hugs and love :-*



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