Believe It or Not!

It was 3am in the morning. I was still sleepy but woke up immediately at the first ring of my alarm because I was excited for my awaited Diwali(indian festival) vacation 🙂 Bags were packed. I did my regular chores and got ready and dressed myself in my comfortable casual attire for the long sixteen hours road journey to my destination-KUTCH(my native place). My whole family stood straight with folded hands,a piece of cloth tied on our mouth and prayed to the god for safe journey by chanting our holy prayers. By 4am we all left for our destination 🙂 .
It was winter and the atmosphere was very cold. But i loved it,I always love night drive (especially if you are accompanied by your love  😛 ). The cold breeze touching my face  made me feel fresh 🙂 . Listening to my favourite songs ,back seat and the cold breeze mesmerized me 🙂 On the way we took blessings from Goddess Lakshmi whose temple is situated in a place called Dahanu. In the afternoon,the heat was just unbearable. 😦  (Though the car in which we were travelling had air condition but it stopped working which made us sweat a lot) Anyhow by night at around 8pm we reached to KUTCH. Still we were away from our destination which was  few kms away but we thought to end our day by staying in a dharamshala(resthouse) in the city named Gandhidham. We were fast asleep as we were way too tired. (Specially our asses had bared a lot sitting constantly at one place 😦 😛 ) .
Next day we left for our native place which was around 50 kms away from this place. After almost 90minutes we reached to our final destination 🙂 I was so relieved and happy too. After a very long time I had been to our native place. It’s a place I  relate it, close to heaven. A peaceful land with peacock humming sounds around you. My village lanes are broad enough and has row houses build diagonally. Our home is simply constructed and consisted total five bedrooms with one hall and kitchen. It has a stone made veranda outside our home. I loved this peaceful ambiance. 🙂 Soon it got dark  and we all had our dinner and were fast asleep.
Next day i got up and same old routine continued. My daily chores,having brunch and dinner and then sleep. But something on that day did not let me sleep after what I heard from that uncle(he lives in the same village ). 😮 One of our relative had arrived to meet my grandparents. All had formed a circle and sat in the align chairs. People in villages loved to talk. It’s the best thing by which people keep themselves busy. Personally i find elder chats boring and was about to leave when suddenly I heard something very weird. 😮 Whatever uncle spilled out was just unbelievable. He told that today is Kalichowdhas day (No moon day)and on this day , a group of spirits come together and do some prayers. Its believed that on this day they gather their powers from God of the night,God of  the darkness 😮 I was wondering how could someone believed in such things. There are no ghosts or spirits that exists today (but i always prayed to the almighty that even if ghosts exists on this land,i am not keen to meet them so i dint wanted to prove anything 😮 ) My mom was dumbstruck listening to it. I consoled her saying there are no such things that exists so be calm and don’t be scared . My uncle heard me saying this , and immediately responsed to what I said , “Beta they do exist,it’s just that you city people don’t believe in it but today also ghost exists on this land , I have seen them “I did not revert back but just gave him a slight nod.
My Dad asked him “if its true than what and how does it happen?”
Uncle replied: Today at12am they will come together and ask God of Darkness to give them powers ”
My dad asked him whether can they see all this and to which that my uncle agreed and asked my dad to be ready by11:30 😮 After my uncle left for his home , we all were about to sleep when my Dad told mom that he will go to see this spirits and find out whether they are true or not. My mom dint wanted his husband to go but she was left with no choice but to agree with it 😦 I was very curious to know (though I believe there are no such things but still seeing that person strong belief I thought of going for it as there was no harm in going!) I told my father that even i would like to come along with him .   We left at the said timings with that uncle.
The lanes were completely dark. I had switched on the torch that I had and started walking with my Dad. The sound of animals around was making me shiver. Believe me guys dark skies over you,you cant see anyone besides you and the chirpy voices around are just very scary. On other hand,I am very scared of darkness so I had tightly held my father’s hand and was walking in between my father and uncle. There were two more men who were accompanying us. We kept walking and were out of the village in no time. We reached at the place and stood behind one large tree. It was a deserted land on both the sides of the tree behind which we were hiding. (farmlands which were barren).
Sounds of animals  around us was making me nervous. Still i dint believed in any ghosts. But that place where we were standing was not less than haunted. I was scared to the core and dint even once left my father’s hand. It was already 12:30 but there was no sign of any spirits. I was relieved . My belief was not wrong!. I told dad that now we are wasting our time and we should return home now and get some sleep. We told my uncle to just forget it and lets return. But he was very rigid. He insisted us to wait for some more time. 😦 More half an hour passed by ,but there was nothing. No single hint of ghosts. I was annoyed and asked my uncle to return. After a lot of persuasion uncle gave in and we decided to leave. As we were about to leave we heard something scary. A slow humming voice behind us, we could hear it,slowly it was getting very clear and we could feel it coming near to us. We turned back to see what it could be and to what i saw my mouth fell open. I was flabbergasted 😮


To be continued………

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