My Diary Friend –Lord Ganu:-)Ganpati Bappa Morya

“Here comes the Month of Bhadrapada,

The most awaited month of the year,

With Different shades, colours, sizes

 The great Lord Ganesha arrives,

Lord of prosperity, happiness and wisdom ,

Beloved Son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati,

With his powerful tactics, he was called as

The Lord Of People🙂 “

 Ganesh Chaturthi is a popular festival in Hindu Religion. It falls in the month between  August –September. Almost two months earlier ,artists  get down to their work of creating this divine God’s model which varies from small to large sizes with touch of different colors ,designs, props. His vahan(vehicle) was a Mushak ( mouse). His birth was very unusual. Goddess Parvati had created him from sandalwood which she used for her bath and blessed the statue with life. As instructed by his mother, he guarded her when she took a bath. During his creation, Lord Shiva was unaware and when he arrived , Ganesha stopped him to enter . Lord Shiva got furious and summoned his followers to teach Ganesha some manners. Ganesha was very powerful and he defeated his followers. Enraged Shiva beheaded Lord Ganesha. Seeing Goddess Parvati anger, Lord Shiva promised her to bring back her child  alive. After a lot search they found the head of a dead elephant and Lord Shiva fixed the same on his child and named him Ganesha( The Lord of People) 🙂

This Festival is famous almost all over INDIA.  The cloth-covered face of Lord Ganesha is brought home and  with prayers and other rituals he is installed and the cloth  is removed from his face. This ritual is called as Sthapana of Lord. Some people keep the idol at home for one and a half days ,some for five days and for ten days. Friends , relatives visit to each other place for his darshan(blessings). Lord Ganesha’s favorite dish-wheat/rice made sweet Modak  is prepared and served as his blessings to the people 🙂 . With lots of music, dance he is brought to home and worshipped 🙂 . After the above said days ( one and a half days , five days and ten days)he is immersed in a pond ,lake or river. This ceremony is called as Visarjan . Some people drench his idol in a tub full of water at home itself to avoid water pollution. After the clay made  idol gets dissolved in the water, same is used in their garden . The Lord of People  is also termed as Viganah Harta(the problem solver) and INDIANS  really believe in him  a lot. Every new work be it a newly bought home or marriage, start with his blessings. 

I truly believe in him. I consider him as my Father , brother, friend everything 🙂  Every single thing I share with him . Since my childhood days, I have a habit of writing a diary. For me, its medium to talk to my Lord. I called him Ganu. I truly admire him,believe him.  Whatever I wrote in my diary was always fulfilled. Some which were not, I always thought God dint want me to do it. He must have thought that it won’t be apt for me. I do get angry but I know he is there. There had been a time when I dint talked to him for long 😦 .I was very upset with him for all my sufferings. I thought ,why my Father(God Ganu) wants me to suffer so much, how can he see me going through all this! But in the end I realized, He wants me to go through right path which I don’t regret later . For this he can bear not talking to his daughter but can’t let her go in the  wrong way 😦 . I am sorry for everything Lord Ganu.

I dedicate this post to my Lord Ganesha, to our Viganah Harta , To the Lord of People. Keep showering your blessings .”Ganpati Bappa Morya”





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