Adorable Babies :-)

Babies are  the cutest and adorable species on  earth 🙂 .We all have been a baby once, cuddled by our parents, adored by the people around us.! Though they are difficult to handle at  times but their long cries wound us 😦 I love babies a lot. When my eye catches someone I just take them in my arms and kiss them on their cheeks 🙂
Since last few weeks I m getting close to one such lovely baby. Beautiful,fair-skinned girl, affectionate smile on her lips just make her more lovely 🙂 . Let me call her miss A. As soon as I enter her home,first thing I see is , she staring at me (trying to recognize) 😛 . Then looking towards her mom,she says “Hita aayi”(Heta Came!). Awww she says it so sweetly that i just can’t stop myself from blushing 🙂 . Then I tuck her in my arms and give her a kiss .She so responds it well with a cute wet kiss.
Last week it was her birthday and i gave her favorite cartoon character toy BHEEM to her. She was so ecstatic seeing it. Her eyes were glowing with happiness. She showed it to everyone around and started playing with it instantly. I was satisfied with my search for her gift seeing her smiling face :-). Then she sat on my lap and started opening her all gifts. Seeing every gift she was beaming with a sweet smile on her face. 🙂 She told me that she want to give me something and ran towards the kitchen. She brought the diarymilk shots for me saying “It’s for you” 😀 .This cute gesture of her, offering only me a chocolate showed  how much she liked me 😛 .
Whenever I wave her goodbye , my inner baby wants to stay for more time with her 😦 . Her mom always feed my ears with her new naughty acts which makes me giggle. Listening to it not only I but even she blushes a lot and hides behind her mom.
Babies are god’s gift. They really cheer your mood up instantly and their cute puppy face  brings smile on our face 🙂 .Their mere hug makes you feel good 🙂 .I just love being around her ,running behind her while playing(damn she is very active ,she runs really fast :-/ ) and best part, our kisses 😀 . I wish her good luck with her coming future . Muah Darling 🙂


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