Men and women are two sides of the same coin

Is being a woman that easy or difficult?
If a man does the work of a woman is it something that extraordinary!!A woman slogs everyday in the kitchen and cook for her family, few even work outside and few run both the things simultaneously.Still few people feels its her job and she has to do it!And if she does it then she is never appreciated for her work in return?
Why society view this two species so differently. !Being from an Indian  conservative family even i have been through few things. It’s not like i am not happy , I feel privileged to have born in the womb of Mrs Ranjan Gala.!But there are few things which i feel is wrong and thought to pen down. I love cooking food but there has been a time when cooking and my office work use to make me feel tired but still being a girl I  am expected to do it. After doing it also except my mom no one ever appreciated it. On the contrary ,if my brother does few  jobs at home like cleaning or helping in the kitchen, he is given a crown of honor!I mean why?Even he is human being like me!!If i can do then why can’t he? My grandma believes that without a man life is nothing. However the man is,we can’t expect him to change but instead we have to adjust according to his lifestyle. ! I mean, come on,in which books have you read this ?! I believe both men and women can be happy only if they adjust with each other and compromise for each other not that ,only the latter has to lead her life as per former norms and lifestyle. If a woman can work outside and manage her work at home too ,then why can’t even a man?!Why only he is praised for every minute little thing!Men and Women are equal. If a man can work outside so can a woman. In the same way, if a woman can do household chores so can a man!Nothing is extraordinary!
I am proud and salute every women who handles all the work and never complains!I appreciate every single thing done by her. Remember one thing ,as in office ,a man slogs hard and expects a good appraisal in future ,so is the case of woman. Even she deserves  the appreciation in return of her work.   !!!


20 thoughts on “Men and women are two sides of the same coin

  1. I can totally relate to your frustration, my friend…Sadly to say that this is no such word as ‘fairness’ when come to the battle of the sexes…anyway, rather than to compare (and making ourselves so pissed off), let us just take it that this is just the art of God’s creation…

    Be cool and be happy, always~ Cheers!! 😀

  2. Some people will say that things are how they are because of God. Yet, it’s interesting to see how differently things are done in different cultures.

    In Sweden women and men are extremely equal. I live in America where things are more unequal than in Sweden but more equal than India. Yet even here I know couples who share the work of the home and outside the home. And then you get cultures where men are much more highly privileged and everyone says, “Don’t change anything because that’s how God wants it.”

    Actually, if you go back to the earliest times, like before agriculture, you find a lot of what some people call matriarchy and what others call egalitarianism. So that seems to be the earliest form of human existence. I need to write about this more on my own blog and maybe I’ll send you a link sometime.

    Keep working toward the equal worth and dignity of women, no matter if anyone tells you otherwise.

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