Well those who don’t know about TOUCH THRUSDAYS, please refer to my last thursday post ( . Today’s prompt is :
” Anjali is a character in the book. She has dated 6 men and rejected all of them. She is still looking for Mr.Right. She feels it is hard to get what she is looking for.
Her friend Sriram Surve, would say the same about women–that it is hard to understand women.
If you are a guy, write  3 things (or more!) that you really want from women.
If you are a woman, write 3 things (or more)  that you really want from men.”
God-made species “Men and Women” both are different in their own way. I have always heard a man’s whispering , that it is difficult to understand a woman !!To be frank it is difficult to understand an individual ,then may it be a man or a woman.! Every person has their own individuality,identity. It depends on us ,how from our perspective we view them ! I have had many crushes, but couldn’t find my Mr Right in them. 😦 . Initially towards whom i had got attracted and later those were same who got rejected 😛 . Reasons may be different,but some or other lack some vital quality which were on top of my list of Mr Right !

RESPECT is most important thing for me. First thing which i would prefer in my partner is respect !! If there is any problem ,discuss it and sort it out but abusing and disrespecting wont help ! If you feel you can’t control your anger than prefer being alone instead of entering into a fight and barking shits and regretting later. Remember “Sorry” wont work always for me! Respecting each other is most important in any relation. In my life i have never entertain such humans who don’t even know first letter of Respect! It is most wanted quality in my list !

TRUST is another important factor in the relation. I can’t keep check on my partner 24by7. Spying on him is out of question. If I trust him I will be ensured that he won’t do anything to hurt me! No trust means no love. He shouldnt hide anything from me. Every small things matter me  most. So whatever it is , speak up!No secrets .. For long-lasting relations , trust is a necessity and it will enhance love for each other .

HONESTY is a best policy. If i trust him means he is honest to me already 🙂 . I will trust with whatever he tells me. Whenever I need a suggestion, he should be honest enough to give me his opinion and help me if I am moving towards the wrong direction !

CARING & SUPPORTING , the fourth important aspect which i expect from my Mr Right. If i am not well,i need him around to take care of me. If i have an interview or important work to attend , i need atleast a call, which will soothe me that i can do it.! When i am feeling low, his hug should make me feel better. I should never feel alone because i know he is there to support me. His care and support are required for every single thing happening in my life. !

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE , another important point in a  relation. He should not only love my appearance but also my inner beauty . Remember that good looks wont stay with us lifetime ! Also he should love me how i am, a bit of change is fine but if he starts trying to change me completely, it means he doesn’t love me !His love should not be limit till bed only ! A simple compliment will make me happy, a  good morning hug will make my day, a kiss will make my cheeks glow and love-making will make me complete and feel wanted 🙂 .

FINANCE, last but not the least money. Now this doesn’t mean that i need the richest guy. It simply means he should be good enough, to feed me and lead a normal and simple life. 🙂
No one is perfect in this world .! I need a person who will balance me, who will complete me and we both can live happily with fewer fights and more love and respect for each other. When we become old , around the age of sixty,our love should be same for each other irrespective of our age,body,skin and beauty 🙂 . I wish we face our death together, so that no one has to lead their remaining life alone.(Hope God is listening to me 😛 ). I haven’t lost hope in finding my Mr Right. Because somewhere i trust the God sitting  above , my faith for him, will connect our souls and make them one :-). I promise too , to fulfill all the criteria above and will support my prince charming in every walk of life.

PS : So anjali have faith in him, you may find your Mr Right late but somewhere in some part of the world there is one who belongs to you 🙂 . So don’t lose hope. 😉



11 thoughts on “TOUCH THRUSDAYS 3-Preeti Shenoy

  1. I totally agree with you about that list and mine would be about the same as yours!

    Thank you for sharing and have a great week ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀

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