BFF:Best Friends….Forlorn

When we are happy,
We need them around
When we are sad,
Their mere presence makes us feel better and sound
In life there are few friends who are very close to our heart,
Such friends are called our besties
Who becomes life’s important part.
                             -Heta Gala

     True Best Friends are those who know us completely in or out. We confide ourselves completely to them . They are those ,who have time for us in their busy schedule!Not those who claim to be our best friend,but take us for granted !They keep on updating their facebook,bbm , whatsapp of their outings with other friends but when we ask to meet once, they screw us with their busy schedule. When you need them the most and if they are not around ,understand that they are not worth your attention anymore. They are not even close to word Best !
      Best friend are difficult to find and when you find one never let them go!



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