Touch Thrusdays 4-Preeti Shenoy

Yet another prompt of TOUCH competition is

Describe your idea of a perfect date. (Who would you date?  You can give a fictional name if you don’t want to use the real name. What would you do? How will you make it special? How would it end?)”


Sitting on a recliner chair, sipping a cup of green tea , reading a novel named” Tea for Two and a piece of cake”, a work written by National Bestseller Preeti Shenoy.  My husband Mr P came and hugged me from behind placing a soft kiss on my hair.” Happy 45th Wedding anniversary Darling 🙂 “ he whispered in my ear. I wished him back by kissing on his cheek and gave him a hand-made card designed by me 🙂 .He loved my gift and kissed me on my cheek. We  are now counted as senior citizen by everyone around but our love for each other still looks new and alive. His shaky hands were caressing my wrinkled face and he was praising me how beautiful still I look! 🙂 .  Though I don’t look as gorgeous as I was in my twenties but through his eyes I am still a beautiful woman in this world. He took my trembling hands in his , and asked me to get ready for a date. I laughed and asked him “ Darling , what you saying, a Date in this age? I can’t even walk properly without support and see our age, what would our son think ? “ . He placed a soft kiss on my lips again and told me “I love you and I will hold your hands and walk with you , I won’t let you fall , trust me . So my sweet sixteen item, go and get ready , I am here waiting for you 😉 .”

I got myself dressed in a brown color cotton saree and tied my hair in a bun. My husband was standing behind and whistling at me . I blushed 🙂 . He makes me feel gorgeous princess still today . He placed his hands on my waist from  behind and told me “You look lovely , my love. I am so lucky to have you as my wife  “ And kissed on my neck .  I took my stick in one hand and he held my other hand in his. He had wore a blazer and was looking dashing as always 😀 . We left for our date. I asked him “Where are we going by the way?” . He whispered in my ear “ Surprise  baby.” . I smiled and we sat in our car. After an hour he parked the car near a beach . He came by my side and opened the car door for me. We started moving towards the beach. Cold breeze was touching our face, our fingers clenched against each other.  We took a stroll along the seaside . We were silent most of the time. We kept on walking for almost half an hour and I  was enjoying it already . The cozy climate, my partner love , his hands in mine ,our silence and our looking at each other after every five minutes 😛 . After some time , he whispered in my ear “ Baby look straight , Surprise “ . I was ecstatic when i saw it.  There was a round wooden table placed with two chairs around in front of a restaurant. Table and chairs were decorated with a white satin cloth and purple colored flowers on it. A flower vase and a white lighted candle was placed in the middle of the table  with a champagne bottle kept on one side and a small envelope on another. We sat on the chair and he told me to open that envelope. Rose petals placed in heart shape and an envelope in between touched my heart :-D. I opened the envelope and started reading the letter. Tears rolled down my eyes, reading it. The letter says “ My love you are everything. You filled the emptiness of my life with happiness. You took care of every single thing of my life. You supported me in every walk of my life. You not only took my responsibility but took proper care of my parents. You never  complained about anything my love. Your love is unconditional. We were then blessed with a baby son . You made me complete and I thank God for having such a wonderful soul as my mate. I love you and will love forever. “ I kissed him on his cheek and thanked him for his lovely letter. Later we had a candle light dinner with all my favorite dishes. Songs were playing on one side and sound of the waves on another side. We were talking, laughing, eating. We were recollecting our old times, when we were on our first date , How elegant I looked in red one piece with red high heels. He in stunning three-piece suit , how we went for a movie , followed by a dinner in high-five restaurant, how we had a close dance on the stage of the restaurant bar, and then a long drive. How we had made love in his house later, on his bed which was decorated with rose petals all over and white candles around . How we were  kissing each other passionately, our lips sealed , our hands caressing each other and feeling each other body. Reminiscing all of it, I was giggling , blushing 😀 . We even recollected how we met, how he proposed, our marriage, the birth of our son , everything. After dinner got over he took my hand and we left from there and started moving towards our car. It was simple and lovely evening. I had enjoyed to the core. Delighted by his wonderful surprise, no words to explain my joy. We sat in the car and he told me to open the dashboard.” There is one more surprise for you ” he muttered. I did as I was told and I saw a small blue box in the dashboard and opened it. There was a ring inside . My eyes were wide open seeing a diamond studded ring and I looked towards him. He took the ring from me and taking my hand in his , he asked “ Will you be my wife in all my births ?” . I was touched by his gesture. I cried and said “Yes I would love to”. He kissed me on my lips and I felt his warm lips over mine.

Then we drove back home, he tucked me in his strong arms and  we slept on our bed in each others arms hugging tightly. All in all I had a perfect date. Love sees no age. Our black hair was replaced by white, our face filled with wrinkles,things have changed with time but our heart was still same. Our love has blossom with our age. And he still remains my handsome hunk and I , his pretty lady .


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