Inspiring story!

My mother was watching a show called Nach baliye( A Dance show). Now i am not here promoting any show but to share a cute inspiring story about a couple ” Mr Vinod and his beloved wife ,Mrs Raksha. ”
Initially I wasn’t sure  that why this couple was called different from others!Why the show judges were introducing them saying “this couple makes us believe that love still exists”! Raksha initially started dancing alone and later  her  partner Vinod joined in (her husband). I was shocked by watching him dance.! The reason behind it were his limbs. Vinod is a physically handicap person with no limbs. But I was startled watching him dance. He danced really well and gracefully that for once I couldn’t notice his wife Raksha dancing with him. All the co-contestants and judges gave them a standing ovation which actually they deserved it. I am not pitying on his disability but i truly loved watching him dance. I appreciate Vinod’s spirit and self-confidence. He seemed content with what he has!”. Even though being physically handicapped , he feels complete and never complained about his disability. On the contrary , Raksha says that he was her man. She saw love in his eyes and respect and understanding for her. Their family, friends opposed a lot for their marriage but later they won their hearts and today they are happily married. Raksha showed everyone that Love is not all about sex, finance but it’s about nature, understanding between two people which she found in Vinod. Even after lot of oppositions and tantrums,  their love won. Vinod never burdened Raksha because of his problem. He walked with her together. He supports her financially too. Raksha never felt burdened. She feels lucky to have him.
I was so amazed watching them. They are truly inspiring couple. Vinod being handicapped is leading a happy and normal life. He has no complain with God for his disability and on the other hand, Raksha supports her husband in every walk of life. She feels blessed having Vinod in her life.

Be happy guys with whatever you have. There would be many such people out there like Vinod who are not physically fit but still leading their life without any regrets. I salute them . Salute for their confidence, their positive attitude towards life.



8 thoughts on “Inspiring story!

  1. Heta, your post and its lovely message is so very inspiring and you sharing it is a reflection of what lives within your heart and spirit! I am inspired by the spiritual love which we share with others. When selflessly shared it will blossom in the lives of many others. Thanks for blessing my day, but even more thanks for favoring my blog with a visit. It was a blessing for me my sister. God bless!

  2. great love story god bless Both of u but real love story people this is love not seen here type this other people feck love and using life enjoy but this is true love my I bless here with u

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