A Busy Week !!

So here i am , finally got time to blog ! This week was too busy and I was busy with some or another work ! As 13th November was my birthday, my Monday started with shopping for my special day. Tuesday evening went away in preparing the cake  and my favorite sweet dish Gulabjamun 🙂 .
Finally my birth Day arrived and my day actually started from 12 am midnight 🙂 . I cut the cake (made by me )with my darling mom , blew the candles and wished for my happiness , took blessings from my mom and shared a joyous moment with her 🙂 . Meanwhile i had received many birthday wishes from my friends,relatives and well wishers 🙂 . Next morning i decided to take blessings from God and visited a nearby temple. Later my day got so busy that at the end of the day i was damn tired but filled with lot of sweet memories to cherish 🙂  . I was delighted , the way it got celebrated. Cutting two more cakes , receiving gifts, enjoying a romantic dinner with my friend ,just too good i would say 🙂 . Thanks to everyone for your wishes , surprises and gifts. You guys made my day 🙂 .
15th November , me , my sister and mom thought of going out. We watched movie , went on  for shopping , quick and relieving foot spa and a dinner  completed our day. I just enjoyed it 🙂 . This month had so many things to enjoy like Diwali , New year , birthday. Though it was a busy week but busy in doing things which i love to do and enjoy it 🙂
Thank you god for everything and keep showering your blessings on me like always. 🙂



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