Internet Communication as a subject in syllabus of school


One of the column’s headline of Sunday Mumbai Mirror newspaper  page 4 amused me :

   “Ur kids will soon learn 2write lyk dis in scul 😦 ”  . I got a brief idea of what this headline wants to convey but when I read the whole content of the column I was taken aback. Some schools in the city are planning to integrate or some have already integrated lessons on internet acronyms and emoticons in their educational program. I mean how ridiculous it could be!! Why a school going kid needs to learn short forms of chat? Why do they need to be updated with way of communication on social networking sites ? Why they should be update of the squirt in online internet communication?

I was horrified  reading more , this plan is being executed from Standard 5, and have been accommodated as a part of their syllabus now. Kid’s parents were dumbstruck when they got to know this. Some school teachers feel that it is necessary that a child should be aware of this , so that they can use this in their mails and can save time. While some have  to say, that it is creating problems as kids are getting used to it while they make notes for their other subjects. They have started using  short forms , emoticons in their exam papers too and it has been a major  pitfall. Some parents complain that their child now uses these terms at home as well. One such example was , daughter saying her parents DND (do Not Disturb) and went off to her room. Initially they laughed it off but now frequent use of acronyms is actually  voiding the English language for their kids.

I have even saw cases where parents do complain  about their  child demanding things like mobile phones . I mean a school going kid doesn’t require a luxury  like cellphones,at this age! Some parents do fulfill and some even try to avoid but fail . And now this different syllabus of the internet communication initiative by schools is way too much. !! I don’t feel that they need to learn all this in school. Slowly a child will learn as they grow old. It is not vital for them to learn that as a different part of computer science subject!! There are kids who already have their Facebook account and some of them already would be using these abbreviations in their “so called chats”. But such initiatives by the Board  in their respective schools are not worth and practical.

So parents who are reading this , do check the homework, answer papers and notes of your kids ,

“Ur Kids will soon learn 2write  lyk dis” 😛


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