If your problem is being fat-RUNNING is only solution :-P

How it feels when you are fat? One of my friend had blogged over it and yesterday I had a chat with my another friend, and it started with basic conversation like, how are you and ended with big discussion over how it feels being flabby.

Since almost a year I have put on some weight which makes me feel unhappy. Earlier when I use to see myself in mirror, I felt dejected by seeing my reflection in it:-( . Now I am very much use to it.  Most of my wardrobe clothes got replaced in two months period!!. Whenever I went shopping, I felt uncanny to lift large size clothes in front of everyone. I know no one is bothered about my weight! Nor even my mom or friend who comes along ,makes me feel that way, but at that moment, I do feel embarrassed, God knows why! Now I am recovering from my health issues, so I am bit happy and full of hopes that slowly I will be back to my normal size. But yes , sure it will take time. Gaining weight is easy but losing it, is a big task !!
Yesterday when I and my friend were discussing on this topic, he was feeling bit low on it and he was not happy with his weight loss progress report!. Drastic change in diet, early morning jog, weight loss exercises but still weighing machine results are either negative or low as per your expected weight you have in your mind.!! I know it does irritates but we have to be patient.
The thing that annoys me the most is when some one greets me , first thing they will do is passing a comment,”Omg you have put on so much weight, ” I don’t mind this comment coming towards me but what follows agitates me, its their giggle and big laugh 😦 . Feels like I just should push them and say sorry. All in all, being flabby made me cry, changed my wardrobe, tested my patience level but now I am very OK with it , and keeping patience is most important , i know my hard work will pay off one day.!!
Running away wont solve your problem except if you are fat,kindly Run 😛


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