Travelling back in time


There are many things which we wish  to do but couldn’t do it, due to some or the other reason. Yesterday afternoon, while sipping my tea , my mind was wandering back in time and I wished if I had done certain things in some other way , then today things might have been  different.tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-003

My nature has been very kind towards people whom I consider as my special and close person.I am good to the people who are close to me and will do anything I can for them, to any extent and on the contrary if people are bad towards me , then an invisible sign board reflects on my head and blinks a message YOU BETTER BEWARE OF ME tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-015. But there are few close people ,who have broken my trust and walked over me. I wished I could have made them realize , how their actions crushed me completely. I am sensitive person when it comes to emotions. I don’t trust people easily and when I do I get dependent on them. I keep expectation’s and yeah I know  expectation’s always hurt. But when you are close to someone, when he / she qualifies for that group of  people who are your lifeline, expectation’s arises automatically. I just don’t know where this expectation button is hidden in my body, if I knew I would have switched it off  permanently. Today I want to travel back in  time, and meet those people and make them feel the exact way they made me go through tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-052! I want to make them realize that I cried and left them without saying anything it was just because they were close to me and I couldn’t bear hurting them. But later on, to protect my self-respect, I made sure I never interacted back with them. Yes it was difficult , very tough for me but just to save myself from getting hurt again , I never looked back. There are few who are still in touch with me, but  are no more close or my besties. My conscience always urged me to go back to normalcy but few things can never be changed and its for ones  own betterment. ! Whenever I felt I dint do anything wrong, still  I always apologize for sake of our relation . I consider that person important more than my ego . But there are few memories deep inside my heart which I can never erase and it will be there with me until my last breath. I wished I could have travel back and change things but I know I cant. So I took those incidents as an experience which taught me a lesson.

On other hand if I talk about my hobby, I always dreamt of being a graceful dancer. During my school days , I had taken active participation in dance competitions . I still remember my dance classes conducted in my school and how happy I was , dancing on different bollywood beats 😀 . Today even if I think of joining some dance classes , I am questioned first  and denied later because few narrow minded  people feels that now I am big and it wont look good or either I am been told of wasting money tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-144!!. I know its weird , very weird but its true. I always wanted to learn all forms of Indian classical dance , salsa and many more forms of dance.

From minute little things to big decisions , there are many things which I do want to change and want to travel back in time and re correct again. I know this is just a wish which can never be fulfilled. There are many other things which I want to change but my list will go on. My main idea behind writing this blog is that, everyone of us must have gone through same feelings , things could have been different, reason could have been something else,But there will be some thing which WE  WISHED WE COULD HAVE DONE and WE WISH WE COULD GO BACK AND CHANGE IT. Though I hope to do few things in near future , and hope for no barriers to do the things I want to do tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-006.


7 thoughts on “Travelling back in time

  1. You cannot undo the past. Move ahead. Life is a lot more than traveling back in time. Why would you want to get hurt again and go through something which you have already moved on from?

    As for the dancing bit, go for it girl!!! 😛 Take me along! 😉

    • @shweta- i know i cant undo the past but i just expressed how it feels! I have already moved ahead but memory still stay with us ..:-/ as far as dancing is concerned , lets go 😛

  2. Yes, indeed there times when I really felt that what if I could turn back time so as to make things right…however, if life is a person, he/she would be the most unpredictable person we will ever know…so, we can never know if we are able to get the results that we want even if we were able to turn back time to ‘make things right’…hehe..

    Thank you so much for sharing this thought and hopeful from this point on, the things that we are about to do won’t make us want to turn back time in the future…

    Have a great day ahead, always ~ Cheers!! 😀

  3. “Today I want to travel back in time, and meet those people and make them feel the exact way they made me go through”

    Yes, That is always my feelings for people who have hurt me. Alleys want them to experience what I felt and know what they did. I don’t really get revenge fantasies where you simply harm someone who has hurt you.

    On going back and changing things, I sometimes feel that way too. But now I feel like they were all learning opportunities. Now I feel like difficult people are blessings in disguise, Teaching us, Helping us to grow and evolve. And I feel like I was always doing the best I could at the time. So I don’t tend to feel regret for too long anymore.

    • @broadblogs-same even i took them as lessons and moved ahead. And really is true “difficult people are blessings in disguise, teaching us, helping us to grow and evolve”. Thanks for sharing your viewpoint 🙂

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