Homosexuality Verdict by Supreme Court (INDIA)


“ We are humans. We have feelings just like others. So what If I got attracted and fall in love with a person who belongs to the same gender  as I am! This is me and this is who I am. When the person whom I love, doesn’t have issues of loving me back or making out with me in bed, then why someone else has a problem with it? How are we termed as criminals when what we do includes my  and my partner’s  consent ?! How many people like us would be imprisoned for loving same  sex partner? . Do you have that much space to accommodate us in your jail? “ Voice of millions of unknown homosexual humans.

11th December 2013 , a verdict passed by apex Supreme Court mortified  the feelings of millions humans . The court criminalized sexual relationship between persons belonging to the same sex. People who already have fought with their families and country earlier, for loving a person who belongs to the same  sex , are now battling again with their country to stop accusing them as criminal. When I got to hear this news I was shell-shocked. I mean how could someone trespass someones privacy and summon them to stop loving each other or else they will be behind the bars. Not only that, these people could be sentenced to life imprisonment for same gender sexual acts ! In 2009, the Delhi High Court had decriminalized sexual relationship between same sex partner and now again after four years , people have to fight for their rights of loving their partner because he or she is of same gender. !! How ridiculous this could be!

Why it is difficult to accept that loving someone who belongs to the same sex is not an offense. INDIA is a democratic country. Every human has freedom to express  themselves. I am utterly disappointed with this verdict . Gay right activists are still fighting for the rights of their people and utterly frustrated by the judgement of Apex supreme court . There are various issues which are still pending for justice and are too serious issues that needs to be resolved like murder, rape, forgery! Though I am not a homosexual, but I know the importance of love in an individual’s life. So what,if they are bit different in their choice of a life companion.I am really persistent on the point that they should get justice and gay sex should be decriminalized.
I wish that things change back again. People who are affected by this verdict , get their rights back irrespective of their sexual preference.

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