Expectation woes

Being a  human, We get attracted to  or close to some or other human,

As we get close to someone, we start loving that human,

As we start loving that human , a relation between us is built up,

Some relations are created by the Divine God like a Mother – child, Father-child, brother-sister,

Some relations are made by us like friends and love,

When a relation exists, expectation emerges,

Expectation emerges, hope of fulfillment arises,

Unfulfillment of expectation leaves us offended,

Disappointment arises and frustration sets in,

As frustration sets in, it gives way to negative thoughts,

Negative thoughts ruin our life and relationship with that human,

Not only relation gets affected, we end up hurting ourselves.

Expectation is a disease, which cannot be cured

And the only medicine is

Stop Expecting and start Accepting

The person who never expects is always happy,

The person who always expects , ends up hurting himself,

But the expectation arises automatically with our near and dear ones ,

So do keep expectations with some limitations

Limit your expectations and see the change,

We will not be completely happy but will be less dishearten.

Remember one thing, We humans are not same,

So your expectations could be others assumptions .

So Expect less and accept more.

Stop hurting yourself by expecting from others,

And stop fulfilling others expectation who never lived up to your expectation.

Like I always said ,


“We have keys to the locked doors of our 
Stop counting on others for your happiness.
Never expect anything from another person,
In the end it will be you who will be hurt, not the opposite person!

A key to the happiness lies within ourselves,
So expect only from ourselves.

Though we may fail at times but at least we won’t blame others for our unhappiness.” 
Happiness arrives from what we do ,
It arrives from good deeds done by you 
Always live in the present, forget the past,
Learn the art to forgive, for happiness lies in it 
Be happy and let others be happy  




7 thoughts on “Expectation woes

  1. This is a very good post, my friend!

    We may expect, but need to learn to accept the result of our expectations (whether good or bad)…

    Thank you so much for sharing your insightful thoughts with us!

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead, always~ Cheers!! 😀

  2. This reminds me of lyrics from an Eagles song: “So oftentimes it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key.” This sounds like one of those keys. Thanks.

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