Are Elders always right?

Writing on a topic like the one above which reads “Can an Elder (senior citizen) be always right?” is very crucial and debating  one. Here I don’t mean to demean someone’s dignity or respect or feelings. Respecting elders, touching their feet, taking their blessings is an act of  good manner’s and a person bearing  good etiquette’s. I truly admire and believe this, especially people of my country “INDIA” and practice the same rituals.

Since our  childhood we have been taught to respect our elders, we are always told and made believe that  what elders do and say are right and we should follow it. If  we raise questions  against their judgement, we are accused of disrespecting them. If they are wrong, abusing them, insulting them is not an act I approve of. But that doesn’t mean I won’t take a stand for right. Even elders are human and they too can be wrong! We need to put our point forward, we need to make them realize that sometimes even they can be wrong.

There is this saying which I have heard a lot, “Elders are equal to Kid once they grow old.” I agree to this point to a certain level only. When we take some major decisions we always want our elder’s opinion because we believe they have seen more world than us. We believe their guidance and blessings will be for our  own good. Then how can we claim them as a kid.  Our Elders can be a role model for our kid. Remember one thing, what we do, those  same things are followed by our children. So  what we do , we should make sure it doesn’t have bad impact on our descendants.

My only point behind blogging on this subject is, We are humans, we are not GOD who can never be wrong. An elder should understand this that sometimes their acts, decisions do have bad impact on their child, grandchild and people staying with them. Every human has to adjust to survive on the earth.  When the Elders are wrong, they should be made to understand that what examples they are setting on their descendants. I am against  violence done to a human be it towards a kid or an elderly person. I believe in saying “ Give respect , Take respect”.  Endure elders with all love and  respect  which they surely deserve it as they have been there since we were a kid but at same time we should  point them  when they are wrong  , because it’s not necessary that ELDERS are always RIGHT .


5 thoughts on “Are Elders always right?

  1. I like how you make a distinction between respecting your elders and recognizing that they aren’t always right. Recognizing that they aren’t always right is the first step towards social progress.

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    • Being abusive emotionally or physically or mentally is not good at any stage of life. I am always of a point that anybody can do mistakes, be it even an elder. Only thing is one must realise that and not think that they are allowed just because of their age.

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