WOW!Different way of saying Good Bye to 2013


I was returning from my work and was in a joyous mood for tonight’s party “Goodbye to 2013 and welcome year 2014″ tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-014. Racking my brainstiny-smileys-yesemoticons-013 as to which dress would look fab on me, which accessories would be apt for the chosen dress and which shoes would go well with my dress and make me look Perfect :-P.  I was busy chatting with my girlfriends on Whatsapp and we were into an intense discussion of what we were wearing and all for tonight’s partytiny-smileys-yesemoticons-088 hehe. I reached my office’s basement and unlocked my car and left for my home. Normally  I reached home in an hour time but today due to ridiculous  traffic jam, it took me a whole two hours to reach home tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-003

I dint want to miss a minute of the party and that’s why I just rushed to my bedroom, took a hot shower bath, blow dried my hair and started getting ready. While I was getting ready, continuous buzzing of my phone was irritating me and so I kept my phone on mute 😛 . After getting dressed in my best one piece,  giving the final touch up to my cheek, I took my car keys and rushed towards my car. There was bottlenecked traffic jam everywhere and the party location was half an hour from my house. As I was waiting for the signal to turn green, through the rear view mirror, I got glimpses of a small girl begging in front of an old lady sitting in a rickshaw behind me.  After receiving a coin of one rupee she went to another client of hers. She was wearing shabby clothes, her face was dark chocolate round shaped and she had big bulgy eyes filled with innocence. Her body was way too skinny and resembled almost like a skeleton body.  She came towards my car and knocked on it. I gave her a ten rupee note and she left. I was wondering that we people go out, party, celebrate our occasions but what about these  poor people. For them there would be no birthdays, Christmas or New year celebrations. The money they earn would be suffice only to  provide their families ,their two-time meals. I have heard so many stories of how children are kidnapped and  forced into this business.    My thoughts were interrupted by the honking horns as  traffic  signal turned green, I saw that girl sitting  on the divider and was counting the money which she had collected. I don’t know what made me think to do something for this girl and I took a U-turn and signaled the girl to come. She came running towards me with the hope of receiving little more money. I asked her about her whereabouts and told her to come with me. I parked the car aside and took her to nearby food stall. I made her eat something as she was very much hungry. She told me about her family. Her father had passed away and her mom is also a beggar and begs at very next signal. The girl dint went to school as her mom can’t afford the fees. She doesn’t even know her age but I could make out that she would be  hardly six years old.  Later I bought little gifts for her like toffee, slipper as she dint wear any  and on her demand color police. tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-012Haha  Yeah , even I was wondering what she meant by that but I realized when  she signaled me towards one seller who sold different Nail polish which she pronounced as color police. She told me how much she and her mom loved to paint their nails. After that, I took her back to that signal again and gave her a fifty rupee note and she was filled with joy. She thanked me and went back to her work. Watching  her smile, making her day special by small gesture I felt awesome tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-077.

Rushing towards my parked car, I left from there for my party. I was feeling so good but sorry for that poor girl and her family. Though I was already late for my party and by then had received fifteen missed calls from my friends but a feeling of happiness rushed through me. Later I reached my destination and enjoyed the party with lots of food, music, drinks,cake tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-044. Later we welcomed the New year 2014 and wished each other with big hugstiny-smileys-yesemoticons-089.  It was already 3am in the morning  and me and my few friends left for my home and thought of spending the remaining night at my place and enjoy the night out with loads of gossips 😛 . By 6am we were damn tired and thought of sleeping. As we were  tired we doze off quickly . All in all I had enjoyed a lot and my face was twinkling with a broad smile of contentment and happinesstiny-smileys-yesemoticons-092. I remembered that girl delightful smile and thought that it was indeed a Different way of saying goodbye to year 2013 and soon I was drifted  into a deep sleep tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-045


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PS : This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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