Picture says everything!!


After a whole day slogging at work,
Now its time to relax with pinch of being slack,
Standing on the deck of the ship,
In the middle of the sea, which is clear blue and deep.
Closing my eyes, inhaling fresh air,
Cold winds touching my face, blowing my long grown hair, 
Forcing my lips to widen and turning into calm smile.
The view of the sun setting behind the mountains in front,
The clouds surrounding those high mountains,
Relaxes my body and whole day stress is forgotten.
This pleasant and divine sight gives the feeling of being close to God,
HE is great and so is the nature created by him.

“Look deep into the nature and then you will understand the things better”-a quote by Albert Einstein.

PS: Thanks to my friend who is a marine engineer and shared this picture of his working place.


5 thoughts on “Picture says everything!!

  1. Thank you so much Broadblogs for your wonderful comment:
    “This picture and these words are like a breath of fresh air. Thank you.”
    Sorry it got deleted though unknowningly. Thanks though 🙂

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