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I usually don’t blog over movies and their review. I like to watch movie to some extent.! The way I like to read true based novels more as compared to fiction, same goes for movies. I am very choosy when it comes to novels or movies or anything. There are many inspiring and eye opener movies like Taare zameen par, 3idiots , Fire and many more. Below you will find the list of five movies which are worth watch , rare , unusual and different from the normal films today.! Actors who have played role are not that famous or popular like Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan but they did justice to the character of the film and due to stories and their acting the films are worth watch according to me.


This post is a part of the Miss Lovely Activity in association with BlogAdda.

Miss Lovely, an off-beat film directed by Ashim Ahluwalia is set in the lower depths of Bombay’s “C” grade film industry. It follows the devastating story of two brothers who produce sex horror films in the mid – 1980s. A sordid tale of betrayal and doomed love, the film dives into the lower depths of the Bollywood underground, an audacious cinema with baroque cinemascope compositions, lurid art direction, wild background soundtracks, and gut-wrenching melodrama. Miss Lovely is scheduled for commercial release on 17 January 2014.

So here goes the list which I truly recommended to watch , If u have missed or not aware of such movie at all.

1) Aamir:


The story revolves around a Muslim man named Aamir Ali, who by profession, was a doctor returned from the UK. He had decided to visit INDIA, his hometown and enjoy a few days with his small family. But what’s in  store for him in INDIA ,that  he was not aware of !! His tragedy started from Mumbai airport itself, where he lost his luggage and was left with only a cellphone given to him by an anonymous person. Soon he came to know that his family was kidnapped by a Muslim extremists and in turn to save his family, he had to  help complete the mission of the extremist. In the end, Aamir lost his life to save hundreds of people travelling in the bus. How? Why? When? These questions are coming to your mind, right??? End your quest to know by watching the movie. To know more and increase your excitement by watching the below trailer:

Video Link : []

My opinion:

INDIA being a democratic country where a human has many freedoms and rights to speak, expressing their views and working according to what they feel is right but under few rules to be followed according to INDIA law. Though INDIA is a free country with diverse cultures and traditions , there are a few shallow minded people who have not come out of their old thinking and In the name of religion, play political games. They spread terrorism to achieve their political needs in the name of the religion. This movie is based on the same topic, where to fulfill their goals, Islamic terrorists  use a common Muslim man to do bomblast in one of the crowded place  in Mumbai. Aamir did as he was told to do, in order to save his family, but when he realized their mission of killing innocent people he instead gave his life to save those innocent humans. The actor who worked for this film was perfect for the role and his acting was commendable.

My rating : ★★★★    5/5


Shahid The story of this movie is based on the biography of a man named Shahid Azmi. Incidents in his life right from  the days of 1993 riots in Mumbai , how he got recruited by terrorists organization and how he was disappointed and returned back and was put behind the bar  under POTA act. Later  he decided to do LAW studies and he became Lawyer and thought for working for those innocent people who were in jail , were tortured due to carelessness of Law of INDIA. Have a look at trailer of video of this film below:

Video link: []

My opinion: I would express my view for this  movie  by three simple lines

  • The role and performance of Rajkumar Yadav-Indeed Marvellous
  • Good Screenplay,
  • A rare deviation from the reality.

My ratings: ★★★★    5/5

3) Ship of Theseus:

Ship of Theseus

This movie revolves around three characters Aaliya Kamal –The photographer, Neeraj Kabi-The monk and Sohum Shah-A stockbroker. It is very different movie and shows the life of above three characters. The Photographer is Visually Impaired and is on the verge of getting a Cornea Transplant, to gain full vision , which she successfully undergoes and gains vision, after gaining vision she is not happy with her new found vision and is unhappy with her photography as well, the monk who is an activist ad involved in a petition to ban animal testing is suddenly diagnosed with a critical illness, now he faces a dilemma to choose between his ideologies and his health as he has to now depend on the people who he was against. The Stock broker who was suffering from a Kidney Ailment , undergoes a Kidney Transplant, he learns about kidney tourism he fears that the kidney which was provided to him was of a man who is a brick layer, but later on investigation proves otherwise, he takes things into his own hands and confronts a recipient in Stockholm. Catch the trailer of the movie below and increase your gist for watching this movie.

Video Link: []

My opinion: The story of this movie is very well written. The script of the movie , dialogues , actions are too good. Actors played their role brilliantly. Words to describe this movie would be less and also every word described for this film is well deserved. Watch the movie and you will come to know why I praise it so much and out of words too .

My ratings :  ★★★★☆    4.5/5

4)      Jaago :


Jaago movie is  based on real life incident. A ten years old girl was raped in  Mumbai’s local train by three drunkard’s friends. Actually  story starts when a girl named Shruti(movie  name) got locked in her school unknowingly and later at night she was finally released. But it was already night and she thought of returning home by train. Soon she boarded train and was alone with few commuters around. Three friends boarded the same train and coach of Shruti. They were drunk and they saw Shruti sitting alone and later they brutally raped her. Commuters dint do anything as those drunk friends were armed. When they fled away, commuter called police and informed about the incident. Soon Shruti was hospitalized, but the incident scared her in her sleep also and stitches given in her genitals tear. She died finally, because of the massive trauma. Shruti’s mother was affected more and decided to do anything to catch hold of those rapists. With the help of senior inspector, the  accused  were caught finally. What happened later? How the accused were caught? For that watch the movie . Have a look  at the trailer of the movie below.

Video Link : []

My opinion: Rape is one of  the common crime in India. Everyday i get up in the  morning ,i either see a column or an article over it in a newspaper or some news channel showcasing such incident. It’s so awful when we hear such things.! It’s a big shame how a girl’s , women’s security is at a risk. A few months back there was a shocking news where a small baby around six years old was raped in a public toilet!! She was found half naked ,bleeding very badly and was crying in pain. Doctors told that the private portion of the baby has been damaged due to sexual assault or insertion of a foreign object. A six year old who was not even aware what has happened with her. She was just crying out loud, when that **** guy just raped her!! This movie Jaago  is based on a true life incident of ten years old girl. Her plea, her cries were just unbearable. See how a man can be so disgusting that he raped a small girl of his daughter age! On front of the cast of the movie, selection done of the actors were good. They did a commendable job. How instead of crying, victim’s mother acted strong and  put aside her sorrow and fought for her baby who lost her life because of this incident.   A girl is a mother, a child, a sister of someone. Respect them, love them. She is not some toy to be played with!

My ratings :  ★★★★☆    4/5

5)Little Terrorist:

Little Terrorist

Last but not the least,this movie is very short and based on ten years old boy named Jamal residing in Pakistan. Once he was playing cricket on Indo-pak border and his ball went far and fell on the side of  border of India separated by fence. Jamal crosses the fence to fetch his ball and was spotted by Indian army. Counting him as terrorist of Pakistan , Indian army started shooting at him. Jamal escaped and ran towards the village of INDIA . Later he was provided shelter by Hindu Brahmin family who helped Jamal even after knowing that he is resident of  Pakistan. He was well protected by this family and in the end even manages to return to his own land  Pakistan. For more details please have a look at the trailer below

Video link : []

My opinion: This is a short Film, Just about 15 mins, but it has told a story which will make you feel what humanity is all about. The performance of each actor is good. The story shows how still few human gives importance to a human personally and not his caste or religion. How the Hindu family risked their life to save innocent Jamal and helped him to reach his country back. Also the movie was nominated for the 2005 Academy award for live short film. Do watch it guys, I truly recommend it.

My ratings :  ★★★★☆    4/5

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  2. Thanks for the list, if you had included the year of release, it would have helped further. I am on the lookout to watch some good Bolly movies. This will be helpful to me. Also, congrats on the BA contest win 🙂

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