Penning down my  thoughts is a way to communicate to my GOD,
Conveying my message  and sharing a different  bond.
We writers are known for what we Write,
And our words Inspire the people to do and think right.
By writing, I feel connected to my GOD-my true leader,
By writing, a Network is built between a writer and his reader.
Heta Gala

 “What the f**k , you b**ch how dare you raise your voice in front of me?!” said Akhilesh.

“Please i swear to God , i didn’t mean in that sense. Please leave me , it hurts Akhilesh please.”said Sadhana.

But he dint stop. He was hitting her badly with his belt and she was pleading, crying in front of him.
Sadhana was nineteen years old when she got married to Akhilesh. She belonged to a poor family background who basically hails from Bihar. Sadhana had an elder brother Nikhil who had secured a good job in an MNC, in Mumbai. Sadhana’s parents were not capable of handling the expenses of both of their children’s education, so she dropped out after first year of her junior college and helped her mom at home. Her brother was sent to Pune to study Engineering. After 6years when Nikhil was capable of living on his own, Sadhana and her parents shifted with him in Mumbai where he rented an apartment to live with the whole family.Akhilesh was Nikhil’s boss and once when he had been at Nikhil’s home, he saw Sadhana and asked for her hand Soon her parents realized that a good opportunity has finally knocked on their door step . Akhilesh was a rich man. He was thirty three years old and a divorcee as well. He was arrogant and when he saw Sadhana , he bribed Nikhil saying , that if he gets married to his sister he will promote him and will triple his pay. Nikhil anyhow convinced his parents and without Sadhana’s consent they said a Yes to Akhilesh. Sadhana urged to say No but after getting emotionally blackmailed by her parents , she forcefully agreed. Sadhana was just nineteen years old with a beautiful face and fair complex , caring by nature and a responsible girl and Akhilesh was thirty three, tall dark handsome but very arrogant and adamant by nature. He hardly cared for the people around him. He had no family and had lost his parents five years back.
After marriage , initially Sadhana was very happy. But soon within a period of four months Akhilesh started behaving badly with her. whenever he use to come home late ,he use to be always in an highly intoxicated state. Sadhana never said anything. She did what she was told to do. She was not allowed to meet her family.Once in a week she was allowed to call her mom and she always lied over phone that she was very happy. She never disclosed it to her parents through what she has to go everyday. She cared for her family and specially her brother who got promoted because of this marriage, which she came to know, recently. Still she never felt bad that her brother did this to her. One day Akhilesh returned home and Sadhana was preparing dinner on dining table. After getting fresh ,Akhilesh sat on the table and started having dinner. He didn’t like the food because of less salt, and he threw away the plate and slapped Sadhana very hard. She fell down due to force and was crying. Akhilesh kicked Sadhana and left from their house. Sadhana kept weeping. She always confessed her sorrows in front of her  God. She use to write a diary and convey her feelings to God. Whenever she was done with all her household chores she use to read novels. She loves to read a lot. Her day started at 6am, preparing break fast and lunch for her husband followed by cleaning the house and sharp at 8pm she use to change her clothes as per the need’s of her husband. Sadhana was not allowed to wear night wear or dresses in front of Akhilesh. If he caught her wearing it , he use to hit her badly. Her life was like hell after 8 pm because this was the time Akhilesh returned from office. Every night Sadhana slept crying. She use to get up with pain on her body and black  marks on her face. She almost remained silent in front of him and spoke how she much she was ask to . She talked only to one individual, and that was her God.

 One day Akhilesh was drunk and came home late at one clock in night. He was ringing doorbell but no one responded. Sadhana was not feeling well ,she was resting in the bedroom and couldn’t hear the doorbell ring. Akhilesh started banging the door and was shouting her name loud. Sadhana realised and panicked  and ran towards the door. As soon as she opened the door, Akhilesh started yelling at her . “You b**ch, what took you so long? Dont you realise I had to wait so long for you!!” said Akhilesh. “Sorry I was not feeling well and was lying on bed and …” before Sadhana could complete her sentence Akhilesh slapped hard on her face. “Bloody b**ch, i really dont know why I married you. You have no respect for your husband. Your f**ker parents cheated me by saying that how good are you.” said Akhilesh.”Please don’t abuse my family ,Akhilesh. I said i am sorry.” Replied Sadhana. ” How dare you answered me back. I will show you today b**ch , wait”!! Akhilesh then dragged Sadhana to his  bedroom and threw her on bed. Sadhana kept on  begging but he dint listen to her plea. He tore her clothes, unhooked his belt and started hitting her. Sadhana kept on shouting loudly but no one can hear as they lived in a bungalow with no neighbours around. After hitting her , he raped her. Sadhana was lying naked on the ground. She kept weeping. But her nightmare doesnt ends here. To what she saw , she was horrified. Akhilesh had broken wine bottle in his hand and was coming near her. Sadhana mouth was wide open in horror. “Akhilesh what are you doing?please i am sorry. Please Akhilesh leave me. Please!” she said it while crying. Akhilesh, now very agitated held Sadhana by her hair and made her stand upright and without uttering a word inserted the bottle inside her genitals. She screamed in horror. Akhilesh removed and forced the bottle thrice in her genitals and soon she was lying on the floor.

     She opened her eyes and she could see things blur around her. Slowly she saw her mom’s face in front of her and she started crying and calling her. Her mom hugged her and told her she is fine and in the hospital now. Sadhana’s maid had witnessed this incident and she was the one who called the police and Sadhana’s parents at home. Akhilesh was not aware of her presence and got arrested later. Sadhana kept on crying. She could feel the pain in her genital’s and she was bleeding too. She narrated her whole story to mom and gave her statement to the police as well. Her mom was shocked when she came to know how her brother had sold her own sister in return of promotion.

Soon Sadhana got discharged from hospital and started living with her parents back. She even filed for divorce. Akhilesh confessed in the court of what he had done to his wife and felt ashamed. He was given life imprisonment till death and had to give penalty of Rs one crore to Sadhana as alimony. Sadhana was getting better now. She started to feel freedom around her. She felt that she had a rebirth. She thought of being independent now. She wanted to be a self made woman now . She had strictly warned her parents not to talk about marriage in front of her. With the money she received from Akhilesh , she started an NGO for women and named it after her. Her sufferings, her sorrows, her cries inspired her to help all women who suffered. She gave shelter to those poor girls and women and thought of giving different and peaceful life to them. His brother was very much ashamed of his act and said her sorry for whatever happened in the past. Sadhana forgave Nikhil. Through Nikhil’s network , she was able to collect more funds for running her NGO. Her life now had changed and in same way she thought of changing and helping thousands of women who were abused and tortured in some or other way. Sadhana was a stronger woman now and lived a happy and  peaceful life with her family. She never stopped writing though. She even wrote a book which inspired many women and changed the thinking of many men around the world. She formed a good network with her readers and always remained in touch of her followers who spread her thoughts and experience.

P.S: All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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10 thoughts on “Resurrection!!!

  1. So sad that this sort of abuse so often happens in real life. Abuse rates are higher under patriarchies than egalitarian societies. We must work for more equality.

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  3. Heta, I thought It was a true story, you had me on the edge of my seat till the end! You are a very gifted writer and a natural born story teller, and that is an awesome gift. You are so talented, and I encourage you my sister to keep writing whether simple thoughts of encouragement, poems, Haikus or writing stories. You can teach others just like you did on this one. I am so proud of you my sister, thanks for sharing what you do so very well. Hugs and blessings always!

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