Life is ever changing,never constant!

There was a time when we use to be so close to each other,
We use to care and respect each other.
Earlier I cried by seeing you in pain,
Today I have cried because you were the reason of the pain.!
Once my life was nothing without you,
Today my life seems better without you.
Earlier I use to fear , of you leaving me,
Today I have no such worries left with me.
Though you are still missed many times,
But what I have been missing is my Smile, which is back after a long time.!
Life is never constant and so are few relations,
Moving on and letting things go is the best solution.
Not always Life will give you a second chance,
But if you get it, use itΒ  asΒ  a last chance.!
Stop crying for those relations,who have hurt you,
And start respecting those relations , who have always stood for you.
-Heta Gala


5 thoughts on “Life is ever changing,never constant!

  1. Heta, I love the way you wrote your poem, it says a lot in an assuring way! I mean you took that step to let go which is so very good for you!. You are a treasure my sister worth your weight in diamonds and pearls. Do not give your wealth away freely but always let one earn your respect, earn your trust, and earn your godly love. You should be number one in someone’s life, only God should be placed above you. And if he loves you he will show it in a myriad of ways all the time. And he will take time to really listen your heart, to your love that lives in the words you share. I am very happy my sister and know that your smile is priceless…let no one take it away from you again. God bless and have a wonderful week!

  2. Wah wah Heta bahut khoob! When one reads a beautiful poem I feel the poet deserves to be appreciated in Urdu πŸ™‚
    Thank you and cheers πŸ™‚

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