Traîtrise… Infidèle…Viol

“First aid box. Check. Knife. Check. Spectacle Case. Check.”  said Ankita while packing her  younger sister’s bag.

“Didi, why are you sending me to Hostel? I won’t be able to stay alone there.” Said Roshni.

Ankita and Roshni are siblings and were very close to each other. After their parents died in a car accident, Ankita took all responsibility of herself and her younger sister Roshni. Now Ankita  is married to small businessman Nikhilesh and both were blessed with two cute little children Sumeet and Sushant. Roshni stayed with Ankita and her husband in Uttar Pradesh.

“Roshni, after what all happened today, I can’t risk your life anymore.” Cried Ankita

“Didi, please I didn’t do anything, please I am sorry.” Replied Roshni.

“I know Roshni, I know everything. After I got married, I forgot I had three children Sumeet, Sushant and you, I should be sorry for what Nikhilesh did to you, my sweetie.” Cried Ankita.

A few months back, Roshni returned from her hostel to permanently stay with her sister and brother-in-law and continue with her studies in a nearby college. Nikhilesh had tried to be intimate with her many times, but she ignored thinking he was her sister’s husband. When things got serious she even tried to tell her sister, but Nikhilesh warned her that if she discloses anything to anyone, including her sister, he will abandon Ankita and their children. When Ankita came to know about this , she decided to send her sister back to hostel for a better life.

“Didi, I will miss you .” said Roshni.

“I know my child and I will be in touch with you always, Don’t worry. I can’t let you go through this anymore. I am very sorry for my husband’s act. Please forgive me Roshni.” Said Ankita joining her hands.

Soon Roshni left from there, but Nikhilesh any how found her whereabouts and continued to torture her physically. One day gearing up her strength , Roshni with one of her friend’s help trapped Nikhilesh  and later he was put behind bars. Nikhilesh tried convincing his wife Ankita that Roshni was lying and she was behind him. But Ankita slapped her husband and confessed to police that whatever Roshni said is right and she had been an eye-witness to it once but kept her mouth shut for her children.

PS: It’s a true story but characters name are fictitious.

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5 thoughts on “Traîtrise… Infidèle…Viol

    • I agree. We should be brave and not hide such things for any reason. The more we hide , the more we are wrong. And the opposite person will keep continuing his wrong acts. Thanks for liking it 🙂

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