Being practical is not wrong!

I have come across few people who say” Love is all that is needed in one person’s life. Money is not that important!”. Even movies showcases same examples where couple leave their whole world behind and plan to live in their new world with the only thing available is love!” So is love enough to lead a normal and happy life. Can a person without money stay happy and content all his life?!
If you ask me than my answer would be No. Money is equivalent factor along with love , which is needed for a person to lead a happy and simple life. Now here I am not talking of being billionaire ! My only concern is that, a person needs money and love both. Reel life and real life are two different things. Whatever is shown in movies really doesn’t exist in real life. ! In today’s competitive world, a person needs to work real hard and earn money , so that he can lead a happy life in present and future. The time has gone where the barter system prevailed. Now everything works on money. When a person doesn’t have money to even feed his family, at some point,he gets frustrated and at such time love can’t buy or feed the family. If you see, how day by day food prices are  hiked, for few people it gets difficult to even buy necessary things. Love can only support the person. Help the person to feel better but it doesn’t erase the real problems of the life.
In today’s economy, being practical is not wrong. A person needs money and love both. As without love,money earned has no value, in same way love alone is not suffice for entire life without money. ! What you all feel?



6 thoughts on “Being practical is not wrong!

  1. Agree to the core….. Love alone cannot feed empty stomachs… And when you face financial constraints love has every chance of vanishing in thin air…
    Great post Heta…
    I guess it may have something to do with the discussions v had last tym v met 😉

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