Five vital things a girl want in her guy!

  GOOD LISTENER , a girl wants someone who could listen to her without any interruptions. Truly , whenever she feels low, and you don’t know how to console her , I recommend you to just keep your ears open and listen to her. A girl always expect that a guy is a good listener. Don’t try to give her advice just listen to what she says. It’s a FACT, a girl will feel better once she pours out her problems. !
RESPECT , It’s the topmost thing a girl would expect from a guy. She would notice every actions of yours.How you talk to people around, particularly to a woman or a girl(Specially she would be attentive how you  talk to your mom 😛 ). Every girl would expect a guy to respect women. Please just don’t brag in front of her that how men are superior than women. In today’s world , both men and women are equal, so respect her .
24×7 AVAILABILITY , When a girl needs you the most, show her care . Show her, that you are there for her whenever she needs you. Be it a day time or a night-time, if she is going through some problem,she would call first to her guy! Show her that you are there and support her. She would feel much stronger and secure knowing that you are there besides her. It’s not necessary that you visit her always when she is in problem but by just being on phone, she would feel much better and relaxed.
SURPRISE HER , she would love her darling to be romantic! Surprising her , would work for you 🙂  Surprising her doesn’t mean that she expects a huge expensive gift! You can surprise by giving her a small rose or buying the thing which she likes, coming home early from office and taking her out on dinner or if she is a working woman than preparing dinner for her and yourself, going on long drives, if she is feeling low, singing for her or dancing with her to make her feel better and many more. Any girl loves surprises!
MAKE HER FEEL COMFORTABLE , I have witness few guys who are so health and fitness conscious that they will keep her advising or sometime force her to eat less and be on diet and forget what she wants!. Few even comment on their dressing sense and make their girl wear clothes which they feel is good for her and their status. They would just forget that whether she is comfortable or not. !Please i feel, She should have  whole freedom to wear what she wants and what she wants to eat. Exceptions are there always,like if you stop her from having things which are not good for health,then its fine. In short, make her feel comfortable around you,with you. She should feel free to ask you anything or do what she likes.
So guys out there who are single,keep these few things in mind and those who are already mingled or engaged , please note the above things and see whether you doing it or not! Guys , sometimes just by saying three words to your love like “I LOVE YOU” or “I MISS YOU” isn’t enough. Remember for a girl actions means more than mere few words. Yeah she loves to hear the three words but sometimes by your small cute gesture she would get a feeling of being loved by you and it is more powerful than said three words.!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Five vital things a girl want in her guy!

  1. Yes indeed, those are the things very vital to a relationship..Alas, in order to have a lasting relationships, we may need to work hard in order to be the same as well.

    Thank you so much for sharing this, my friend!

    Happy Monday and cheers!! 😀

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