Accept and Apologize- The true wisdom

I just came across this Quote by Dave Gilpin and thought of sharing with you guys
“Never be ashamed to admit you were wrong. You are only saying that you were wiser today than you were yesterday.”

If you have done something wrong and when realisation dawns on you, be sorry ! Keep your ego aside and always do right once you have realised, what you did  earlier wasn’t right! Admitting and apologising can save many relations from breaking. Being wise is better.

When you have done something wrong,hiding it would kill you from inside, every single day. Guilt will keep on growing and you wont ever be able to keep yourself happy. Also not accepting and hiding your mistake is as good as you committing another mistake. Justifying your wrong doings would just make matter worse. Always accept and move on, apologize for what you have done but don’t expect for forgiveness instead be sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes again.


6 thoughts on “Accept and Apologize- The true wisdom

    • Agreed Soumya. You should have heart to forgive but never forget what had happened and learn from it. Be strong enough to support your self respect but if we are wrong at something, we should always accept we are wrong and say sorry and move ahead. We should wait for forgiveness but not keep any expectations for it. Thanks 🙂

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