Happy Women’s day

Most of my blog posts  exhibits female as a strong protagonist. I truly believe that today’s women can do anything.! From being a company’s CEO to a housewife, she can do anything without any complains. She is an epitome of power, strength, sacrifices , unconditional love, beauty ,Goddess. Today is 8th March , the day on which the whole world celebrates the Women’s day.Few countries declare it as a holiday only for women. Lucky girls who have it 😛
Life has not been easy for me. Being a woman I have had face a lot of restrictions from families and society. Even if I dint want to adhere to the rules made by some narrow-minded people, I always obliged so that the important woman of my life, my mother doesn’t have to face anything because of my actions. After all whimpering and cries , I still feel proud of being born as a Girl. Sometimes being stubborn and  naughty, sometimes crying , sometimes standing for herself or her families and pals with lot of oppositions ahead, I am proud of myself who have stood always with head held up high.
My mother always told me, a girl is more understanding than a guy .At a very tender age , she gains maturity and so the same, I believe. I have always prayed to the God to bless me with a baby girl 😛 . I am not being racist here! It’s just a matter of a sweet hope but I would be happy with what I get 🙂 .
Anyways on this special day I wish all the lovely ladies out there a Happy Women’s Day. Love yourself and enjoy the special day. Every men , treat your ladies well,pamper her with gifts and make her feel special 🙂



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