Happy Holi….

This particular festival is close to my heart because of the few awesome memories .! Holi festival is all about colours, love, enjoying the festival with friends and family .It starts with a day prior scheduled for Holi Pooja with Holika bonfire and people(mostly women) form a circle around the bonfire and worship. They gather, sing and dances as well. Later the next day its celebrated by colouring each other with different shades of dry powder colours followed by dancing and drinking a special drink ( Bhang-Holi special πŸ˜‰ ). People are mostly dressed in a complete white dress.
The story behind this festival revolves around a great King Hiranyakaship who was a father of Prahlad. The king was bestowed with the boon of immortality and that’s why he always expected his son Prahlad to worship him. Instead, his son was a great follower of Lord Vishnu and worship him only. By this act, King Hiranyakaship was angry andΒ  tried to kill his own son. But with the grace of Lord Vishnu, his son always got saved from all his father’s evil acts. King Hiranyakaship called his sister Holika for help .She had a cloak garment by which she couldn’t get burnt by fire. One day, the King made his son sit on her lap in the pyre and set the pyre on fire. But with blessings of Lord Vishnu , Prahlad was safe and Holika got burnt in the fire. And that’s why ,this day is celebrated as Holi which signifies the victory of good over evil. image

I have played Holi only twice and that too for the first time(which was indeed last time, I had played!) during my first job. We all were dressed in the company’s logo blue colour t shirt and had planned of celebrating it after official hours of work. I had enjoyed a lot πŸ˜€ . It’s still fresh in my mind.Β  Every occasion were celebrated here with loads of fun and excitement. The memories I have always cherished and will be there with me forever. Miss you guys πŸ™‚
There are few things which IΒ  dislike of this festival, throwing of water balloon on the people walking on roads. First of all, I have never approved of the idea of throwing water balloon on strangers. I totally get agitate, when someone throws it at me. Few throw it from such a great height like from rooftops and without realizing, end up hurting people as balloon may sometimes fall on the people’s head or the other parts and that tooΒ  with a great force. I have heard of few horrifying incidents where a woman while commuting by train was hurt,when a balloon was thrown over her and it hit her eyes badly !
So its a request to all, Holi is a festival of fun,play, but be safe and enjoy the festival.Β  Don’t be the Β cause of grief for anyone’s family member loss!Don’t throw water balloons on anyone,as it is dangerous and can hurt people.!!
Play safe and enjoy……. πŸ™‚


P.S:Throwing water baloons is an offence now. Please read Times of india newspaper dated 16th march 2014.


6 thoughts on “Happy Holi….

  1. Nice post. Now a days even schools are educating children on the harm caused by colors especially as we do not know who is the person spraying it 😦
    And the good part is the kids are following their school teachers advice πŸ™‚

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