Its all a matter of time!

Girl : Hi baby, how are you? Left for office?
Boy : Hi Darling. Yes left . Can I give you a call after reaching office.?
Girl : No problem. Drive safe and do call me.

After an hour…….

Girl : By now he must have reached the office.! What’s taking him so long to call me 😦 . No worries, I will call him up then.

Tring tring…tring tring..

Boy : Hello. Yes, tell me.
Girl : You reached office? Why didn’t you call me up then ?
Boy : Sorry baby! Got busy and that’s why forgot to call you. Can I call you during lunch break. I am busy actually.?
Girl : Ok ok . Carry on . Have your lunch on time, dear. Will wait for your call. Bye. Takecare.

Both of them got busy in their work .

During Lunch hours…..

The girl checks her mobile phone. No missed calls. No messages.

Girl : He must be busy . Its ok, he works too hard. I will finish my lunch and before going back to work would call him up.

After half an hour…

The girl checks her cellphone again. Still no calls.

Tring tring….tring..

Boy : Hello. Yes, tell me.
Girl : Hi. What are you doing? Did you have your lunch? I thought you were about to call me !
Boy : Oh, Yes Darling .! Sorry again . Well, I had my lunch half an hour back and then went down with my colleagues for a walk. Sorry I just forgot to call, baby. You understand na, how busy I am.! Baby can I call you once I leave the office?
Girl : Yeah, I understand.! No issues will talk after our office hours.

It’s six thirty in the evening and the girl checks her phone again. No calls or messages. She waited for half an hour, but still the same.

Girl : Its ok. He must have got busy in some work. Let me call him up.

Tring tring…..

Boy : Hello. Yes, tell me.
Girl : Hi. I just left the office. What about you? Still busy in meeting?
Boy : Oops, Sorry baby. I just forgot to tell you. I left the office an hour back. I am in the party right now. You know Ganesh ? My childhood friend! Well, he called me up and we just thought of catching up. I am sorry I forgot to tell you. I was so busy that it just slipped out of my mind. Anyways, baby, I will call you at night after the party gets over ok?
Girl : Hmmm….

The girl is  feeling low….

Girl : I too have  a life. I too work. I too am bloody busy with my work. I too have friends. But when it comes to him, I just think of him first. I am always worried whether he has reached the office on time or not. Whether he had his lunch or not. What are his evening plans. I know he is not a kid, but  I love him and that’s all that matters. Its just a small concern I have for him, but when it comes to me he never asks me whether I have reached office or not , whether I had my lunch or not..blah blah.!Even I am busy with my work but in my busy schedule ,I do make time for him.. To talk to him.. It’s not that I expect too much. Even I should feel loved! It has been a long time now, but things aren’t changing.!  I am not saying he is a devil or demon or evil or any such kind of a person. But He is not what he used to be earlier! In the initial stage of our love , when every few minutes he checked on me. But now things have changed.! He does take me for granted.. I would express to him my feelings again .He needs to understand orelse I should just…..

Tring tring tring……

Boy doesn’t pick up.

After sometime the girl tries again. And after the fourth time of ringing him , he picks up.

Boy : He.lllo..
Girl : Hi. What are you doing? Have you reached home ?
Boy : Yes Darling, one hour back and I am too tired now. This work you know and then party. Can we talk tomorrow baby please. Goodnight.
Girl : Yeah ok. Goodnight.

Making time for your loved one is important. No matter how much busy you are,  sweet little gestures of concern for your loved one is required to maintain a healthy relationship. Never take anyone for granted. The  thought behind  writing this post was not to show or prove the guy was wrong, but to show that, the way he behaved was wrong. He didn’t do it intentionally, but he can’t keep on expecting his girl to understand always. The same case can happen vice versa too .The important thing is to make time for your loved ones. Yeah, some days may come that it would be difficult for you to take out time for yourself even but always try to cover up by giving her/him their time sometime later. It’s easy to make relations, but difficult to keep it on. Sometimes these petty things can become a major issue and can become the reason for the breakup.!


4 thoughts on “Its all a matter of time!

  1. Such kind of behavior is totally intolerable. My husband and I have very demanding jobs but we make sure to talk to each other atleast one in an hour. You need to make time for love. Not wait for the time for love.

    I would have dumped him, if it were me.

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