Mood Swings


Both men and women face the problem of mood swings, but women are more vulnerable than men.
The reasons for mood swings varies from one woman to another. It could be due to the stressful life,nearing of menstrual cycle or menopause or if she is pregnant.She could feel restless, depressed, irritated,anxious, agitated. There would be sudden outbursts of anger , uncontrollable crying , irritations and it will keep on changing all in a day. One moment she will be very happy and later she will feel worse.
If you are a guy , you need to understand that your love may go through this phase and the best thing to do at that moment is to understand her situation. Just don’t be mad at her if she yells at you. Understand the situation she is going through. Listen to her, make her feel better by taking her out on a small walk or making her have something what she likes. You should be prepared for what is about to happen. You may find her saying that you are the best person in her life and in a split second she would be saying, that she would be better off without you. Don’t take it too seriously. Just be there for her because after sometime she will cool down and say sorry for her act. Almost every woman goes through mood swings issues. This rapid change of emotions would not only affect her, but also her loved ones .These ups and downs of emotions are considered completely normal. You may feel that she is snapping at you,but that’s not the case. Even small issues may upset her, she may feel irritated and would feel, to do nothing. The best way to handle her is , letting her vent out her problems. Listen to her, hug her , go take a walk in open air, but be there for her. Don’t just ignore her or else she would feel more stressed. Yeah in a few cases, some women would avoid talking and would prefer to be on their own. Allow her to cool down on her own if she insists!
Sometimes even I experience the change in emotions and I prefer talking. Just on and on and on. At times I don’t even realize that what I am talking. Seriously!I just keep on barking and I want the person to just listen to me. I don’t want anyone else to disturb me during such times but I would prefer talking to only one close person and I would expect his full attention towards me. No doubt, later I do pity on him for my behaviour but it just happens and sometime it’s not controllable.
The best way  to minimize the mood swings would be yoga as recommended by a few doctors. Even going on for a brisk walk and listening to your favourite songs might help. We need to find our own ways to alleviate our problems.
So if you love your lady, just be supportive and remind yourselves that it is something natural and support  her during her difficult phase.


4 thoughts on “Mood Swings

  1. Seriously. Hell hath no fury like a lady going through mood swings.
    On a more serious note, it’s nice that someone has dwelt on a topic such as this. Only a lady can sensitize us men about such things.

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