Shopping is the best medicine for Shopaholics!

“Ria, Ria, Ria, Pick up the phone girl!”

“Dammit. Why isn’t she picking my calls! I need to check on her.”

Ting tong. Ting tong

(Ringing the doorbell of Ria’s home)

“Hello Aunty,how are you? Is Ria home?” asked Sunaina

“I am fine Beta. Yes, she is in her bedroom. “ Replied Ria’s Mom.

“Beta,What have happened to Ria! She isn’t talking to anyone. She stays in her room most of the time. If I ask her why isn’t she going to college, she says she is not feeling well. If I ask her to check with the doctor, she refuses for it too. I don’t understand why is she behaving this  way! Is something serious Sunaina? Please tell me. It has been two days now.” Asked Ria’s  mom with a concerned look.

“No Aunty, nothing like that. May be  she is upset with me still. I am here now and she will be fine Aunty. Don’t worry.” Replied Sunaina.

“Ria, what’s the matter with you? Why the hell you aren’t picking my calls? You are not even attending the college. Ria are you even listening to me? Ria talk to me sweetie. You are sitting here, crying for Aman and he is out there enjoying his life. The person for whom you are wasting your precious tears, who cheated on you and ran away with some other girl is happy Ria. You have your whole life ahead. We are there for you and we love you Ria. We are concerned for you. We can’t see you this way. Your mom, your whole family  is worried for you Ria. You just not hurting yourself, but also hurting us. “ Said Sunaina.

RIA crying out loudly hugged Sunaina.

“What should I do!It’s difficult for me to forget things. “ Replied Ria.

“Yes, I know sweetie how you must be feeling. But you need to be strong and prove Aman, you can be happy without him. What he did to you and what you doing now to yourself has no difference. Time will heal everything Ria. Just be strong. We all are here for you.We love you.”replied Sunaina.

Sunaina knew how to cheer Ria’s mood. She switched on the computer.

Ria wondering, asked Sunaina”What are you doing?”

Ria loves shopping like anything.Shopping has always been her  first love.Her wardrobe kept changing according to the new fashion in the market. She has an amazing bargaining skills. Sunaina knew this very well.

“Ria, come here. I have something to show you.” Said Sunaina

Ria looking at the monitor screen”No Sunaina, I am really in no mood for all this. Please 😦 .”

“RIA you need to do this, come you would feel good. Trust me.” Said Sunaina.

“See this Ria. Now shopping online has an additional advantage.We could save more money you know. Just three simple steps we need to follow and then we could get cashback and sometimes coupons or sometimes both .”Said Sunaina.

Ria takes  an interest, but completely confused tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-011, staring at Sunaina.

“See we need to get signup for this site called””. Then after  we can choose our retailer from where we would like to shop and can avail discounts, claim cashbacks or coupons or lucky enough to receive both.” Said Sunaina.

“Really! Let’s try then.”Said Ria.

Ria excitedly starts signing up for the site and watching her mood changed,Sunaina feels happy that her trick workedtiny-smileys-yesemoticons-032.

Sunaina was talking to Ria and explaining her about the GoPaisa site.

“ is purely about simplified savings you know. They help you save money on your online shopping, whether it’s via coupons or cashback or both!It is a smart gateway to online shopping. Whenever we shop online, check for our favourite retailer(many options like Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Yatra and many more) on , we can save upto 25% or more on our purchases.” Said Sunaina.

After all signing up formality Ria started with her shopping spree. She selected her favourite retailer site”” and shopped many clothes, matching accessories, shoes for herself. She was very much engrossed in her shopping.

“Sunaina , See this I am going to get 2500rs cashback. Also, I have received coupons for many food outlets too. The best part of shopping was, I don’t have to bargain at all and to be frank,I got my stuff at least price I could have gotten.”Said Ria happilytiny-smileys-yesemoticons-030.

Seeing her friend so happy, Sunaina was relievedtiny-smileys-yesemoticons-067. She hugged her and told”Love you Ria. Please be this way.What you are now,What you were before Aman entered your life! Happy, fun loving, shopaholic. I know what happened is  not easy to forget, but it is not impossible too.! You have to give time to yourself.Be happy.”

Tears rolled down Ria’s eyestiny-smileys-yesemoticons-052 “Thanks Sunaina.”

“By the way, Rahul was asking for youtiny-smileys-yesemoticons-006.” Said Sunaina winking at Ria.

PS:This post is a part of the Shop, only to Save More! Activity by in association with
All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


5 thoughts on “Shopping is the best medicine for Shopaholics!

  1. Hi dear !
    I read a bunch of your articles in the blog and sorry but somehow I can’t understand the whole deal .. What the blog is about .. What the stories are ..?? A bit discontinued and unlinked …

    • Hi
      Thanks for sparing time for my blog. I basically write a few short stories,fiction, non fiction.I even blog about my opinions on a few social issues that needs an attention. !

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