E-Book or Printed books!


Now this question arose in my mind, when I had a big debate with one of my friends, where we were discussing about how in the coming few  years, eBook would replace the printed book as demand for the former would  increase.!

Personally, if someone would ask me about my preference, I would choose having printed novel any day. The reason behind this is, I simply love the smell of the books. I feel emotionally connected to physical books than any gadget.! Also, once I am done reading, it completely depends on me whether I want to sell it off or keep it with me. Being an ardent reader, possessing a tablet or a kindle or any Smartphone devices for just reading a novel would be troublesome. Why! Because the reason would be, it can have a bad impact on my eyes. Continuous staring at the screen could stress my eyes. Also the amount for charging the device would increase. It won’t be economical in terms of usage of power. But in the case of a  novel, this problem won’t exist.  You just need to buy, sit and read. Working on a computer is enough for me, but I can’t sit in front of an electronic device for the whole day.! Reading a printed novel instead would be a better option.

It completely depends on people’s choice. Even if I buy an eBook, I would keep it as a last option, if I couldn’t get a printed novel due to any issue.! Though for few, eBook serves best due to its portability and storage factors, but for an avid reader like me, Printed novels are always best. Also,  I have read few surveys on “ preference between eBook and printed books” and the statistics reveals  that demand for the latter is more than former  still today.

I don’t know about the future for the demand of printed books in the market, but even today there are many people who feel printed books are much better and more comfortable than eBooks.! So guys, let me know what would you prefer-an eBook or a printed book? The choice is yours, what’s your predilection?! 🙂


23 thoughts on “E-Book or Printed books!

  1. I personally love paperbacks more…but eBooks are really convenient. So I have devised a way out wherein I download an eBook of the book that I am currently Reading..This way, I can read when I am in jam packed Mumbai Locals where reading a paperback is not a convenient choice!
    So, for my vote goes to, both of these!! 🙂

    • Thanks for vote shweta 🙂 I agree on one point that reading printed books in running locals is not a convinent option but during such times , i prefer listening to songs instead of reading something as even holding a cell while standing ,is chaos due to the amount of push we get in Mumbai locals !!And if I get to sit, I would prefer paperbacks 🙂 Thanks for sharing your opinion 🙂

  2. I prefer printed books because I like to write notes in them. I’ve tried doing that with e-books and it’s hard to find my notes again. If I want to find a particular paragraph, I think it’s much easier to find in a printed book.

    Also, you can always see printed books and the sun.

  3. Love books and when I was young, most of my money were spent on books by my favourite authors…(and manga as well…LOL)…well, the good thing about e-book is that I don’t really need to find a space to store them…and the pages won’t get dog-earred…LOL…

    Cheers!! 😀

  4. I too am a fan of printed books.. The smell of paper and feel of the paper in my hands is so intoxicating. !! I can never connect to a read via electronic device … A book is meant to be read, felt and held engaging our senses that result in a mind connection with the book ..

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