The unsolved mystery

“Rajjo, I have some work in a nearby village. I will be back by two o’clock. OK!”  Lalaji told his wife Rajjo.

“OK. Be soon and don’t forget to take your umbrella with you!”Replied Rajjo.

“Grandma, where is Grandpa going?” I asked eagerly.

“Child, he is going to meet our relatives.” Said Rajjo smilingly.

After three hours, Lalaji was back home with a tensed look on his face. Seeing her husband so anxious, she held his hand and asked”What happened? Are you fine?”

Lalaji explained his wife Rajjo, to what he had seen today. Rajjo was listening carefully and her expressions were changing from a confused look to a surprised face.

“Rajjo, I really don’t know what to say. I mean, I went walking till highway and I took an auto rickshaw from there. The roads were completely deserted. I was sitting behind and the only voice I could hear was of the engine of the vehicle, I was travelling in.! “


Rajjo nodded and continued listening ”Hmm.”

“After some time, I saw a lady dressed in a complete black sari asking for a lift. As there was no one on the road, I thought to help her. I signaled the rickshaw driver to stop beside her. I asked her where she wanted to go. Her face was half covered by her sari pallu(the loose end of a sari). She didn’t say anything but lifted her finger and pointed straight to her left. I asked her whether she wanted to go the nearby village and she nodded. She took a seat exactly in front of me. She folded her hands, which were full of green bangles. We were very quiet all the way. We were about to reach the village when I heard a weird sound. It was like someone was growling. Someone who was moaning and it seemed that the sound was becoming loud and clear. I was looking here and there but couldn’t get from where it was coming. Suddenly my gaze shifted to that lady sitting in front of me and I realized that she was making that sound. She lifted her pallu and the big red eyes were staring at me, when suddenly the rickshaw came to a halt and I turned to see the driver. When I turned back at the lady, she was gone.  I really don’t know who she was?! But as soon as I turned back, she was gone. You remember the Hindu temple few kms away from the village where I was going today? Exactly there, this happened. When  I asked the driver why he stopped,he told me, he didn’t. ” Said Lalaji.

I was hiding behind my bedroom door and was listening to everything.

What was Grandpa saying?! Who was she? ! Why she approached my grandpa? What was she up to?

The questions were running in my mind and I was tempted to know who she was! I knew I won’t get answers just by standing here. I need to help my Grandpa find the reasons behind what had just happened to him. I have never seen him this scared.

When everyone was snoring, taking an afternoon nap, I thought this is the best time, I should go and check. If I asked someone for their permission to let me go, they would straight away say a NO to me, so I left in silence. I walked till highway and took an auto rickshaw from there. There were hardly two people walking on the road. I informed the driver to take me to the next village. I was a bit scared, no doubt. But I wanted to solve this mystery of the lady. I recollected everything what my Grandpa had told to Grandma. I was looking at the empty road anxiously, searching for the lady. I saw hertiny-smileys-yesemoticons-039. I wiped the perspiration formed on my brow and asked the driver to stop the rickshaw. I asked her, where she wanted to go and she behaved in the same way, she did with my Grandpa. I was shivering. She sat exactly in front of me. The driver started the rickshaw and we left from there. After some time I heard the loud scary voice and I turned to the lady and saw the big red eyes staring at me. The rickshaw came to a halt suddenly and I shifted my gaze to my left towards the driver. My eyes shifted from the driver to the lady and she wasn’t there. I saw to opposite side, there was the same temple, my Grandpa had referred to. I got down off the rickshaw and searched for her here and there. But she was nowhere. I saw something to my right and there she was standing under a banyan tree. She was crying at one time and laughing at other time. I was confused, scared and dint know what was happening. And in the spur of the moment, she disappeared,leaving a note behind. I went there and read the note which said
My mouth fell open and I turned back and sat in the rickshaw and told the driver to return.

I entered home quietly and without uttering a word went straight to my bedroom.

Next day newspaper headline:

“A lady on the highway was brutally murdered two days back, a few kms away from Baroi village. Her face was smashed by a heavy stone. Sources told that she use to do black magic and due to which, her village people removed her from their village. No one till now knows that who had killed her.”

I saw the image below the article. A woman dressed in black lying unconscious on the road opposite to the Hindu temple. I was startled by  seeing  her. She was the same lady I and Grandpa had seen on the highwaytiny-smileys-yesemoticons-096.! I went to my bedroom and removed the letter from my bag.

PS:This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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8 thoughts on “The unsolved mystery

  1. I like the way you described the lady. I could visualise the scene.
    However, what basically happened in your writeup was that you described the same lady twice, both in the case of the grandfather and the main protagonist. You could have probably simply shown the grandfather in shock, and the protagonist trying to find out what had happened.
    Anyway, nice story 🙂
    Updated mine. Do drop by.

    • Well the reason behind repeating the same was,the girl also went through the same incident like her grandfather.! The only difference waa she got a message note from that lady. Also the next day newspaper almost clarified her doubt that why the lady was there, and what the letter indicated. Thanks for sharing your opinion though ,for the story 🙂

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