“I love you too.” Replied Rose.

Jack and Rose have known each other for a year. They met via common friends at a birthday party. Soon they started dating. After a year, Jack  thought of making their relationship official and had arranged for a surprise for Rose. He booked a room and decorated it with candles all around and a teddy bear holding a heart in between with the words”I Love you” written on it. Rose’s eyes were full of tears as she saw it and later Jack went on his knees and proposed her.After that, they spent their night making love to each other.

After a few days, Jack got a call from an unknown number. His face turns blue, listening to the person on the other side of the call. He didn’t know what to do. He was completely aghast by what he had heard.

“Hello Rose, What are you doing?”

“Hi Jack, Nothing much. Tell me.”

“Rose, Can you meet me please.”

“Jack, Is everything alright?”

“No. Please lets meet and talk. I can’t discuss these things over the phone.”

After some time, they met at a restaurant. Seeing Jack so worried, Rose held his hand and requested him to talk. Jack took out his cell and showed her something. Rose held the cell in one hand and her other hand covered her lips in shock. She couldn’t believe what she saw.

“Jack, What’s this rubbish? Answer me!”

Jack told her about the call from the unknown person.

“Rose, I got a call this morning. The guy told me that he has our sex tape. Remember, few days back, we had been to the hotel , they had a hidden CCTV camera in our room. Now he is demanding a ransom and  is threatening me that he will upload the video online if we don’t give him Ten Lacs rupees. “

Rose started crying”Jack, How could you be so careless! You should have checked the room. What should we do now? From where are we going to pay him Ten Lacs!”

“Rose, I am sorry. I know I should have been more cautious, but I trusted him, my friend and that’s why I dint bother to check the room.”

“Which friend are you talking about?”

“Alex! He told me, the hotel belongs to his best friend and he would get me the room at a very cheap price. I am sorry, I shouldn’t have trusted him.” Replied Jack.

“Wait a minute. Alex? Jack, the one I met during your last party! I never liked him. Jack, he had asked you for a favour, to lend some money, as he had taken a loan from someone and wanted to return the money. When you denied, he fought with you and abused a lot. Next day he apologized  for his behaviour and you accepted his apology too thinking he was in tension and was drunk. I somewhere feel the caller has some connection with him.”

“Jack, Did you check the number, you got a call from? Do you recognize it?”

“No Rose. I don’t know whose number it was.”

“Jack, Instead of sitting here we need to do something. Let’s go to police.”

“Rose, I am sorry.”

“Jack, I love you. You didn’t do it intentionally. Let’s not waste more time and go to the police.”

They told police everything. Later, listening to their story, Police started to search for the caller. They traced the number, got the details of his mobile bills. They checked each number, to whom the caller had called and there was one number, to whom the caller had called  often. They asked Rose and Jack whether they knew that number or not.

“Yes, sir. I do remember this number. Wait, let me check.”Replied Jack.

“Sir, this number belongs to Alex.” Replied Jack in shock.

“OMG. I told you, there is some connection. It was a trap, Jack. He needed money and that’s why he did all this or maybe he also wanted to take a revenge, as you had denied to give him any money.”

Rose and Jack narrated the whole story to the police. Police immediately went to Alex’s home and caught him.

Initially, Alex didn’t confess, but later he admitted that, he was behind all this. He had hired a person who worked on his commands and had bribed some money to the hotel staff who worked in the cleaning department of the hotel.  Later the cleaner gave the keys of the room booked in the name of Jack to Alex’s person who later on placed the cameras in the room. Alex also confessed that, he demanded the money in the exchange of the sex tape.

The police collected all the evidence and Alex and his supporter  were imprisoned for the crime they committed.

PS: This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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