Child Sexual Abuse(CSA): Lets make it history

Nowadays, Child abuse has become a very common crime.  It can take place anywhere in schools, colleges, homes, residential buildings. I have heard many devastating stories where children are sexually exploited. There is one article I came across, where a child complains about his uncle doing the wrong things with him.

“Mom, I am not feeling good. I feel dirty.

“What happened son, tell me?”

Then the child narrates the entire story to his mother, how every time his uncle asked him to strip and ordered him to lie down naked on the bed. He explained his mom that how he felt bad when his uncle touched him all over. He cried, pleaded in the front of his uncle to stop but he continued. He even told his mom that his uncle had threatened him, not to say it to anyone. His mom was shocked to hear this. She cried and hugged her son tightly and promised him that it will never happen again. Still today the child couldn’t come out of his acrimony. Every night, he would have nightmares of his unfortunate encounters with his uncle,the thought of sexual abuse haunts him back everyday. Nowadays we can’t trust our own family.!

Child sexual abuse exists everywhere. Mr. Anurag Kashyup, one of the popular Directors of Indian Bollywood films was a victim of child abuse for almost eleven years.

Child abuse not only affects the child physically but also breaks him down emotionally. A child may face many problems like Anxiety, Depression, Dissociation, concentration problems, Nightmares, Difficulties in sleep.

Though, every time it’s not necessary that a child may have negative feelings only. They might unknowingly distinguish these acts as an act of pleasure. I know it is difficult to believe! But it’s a fact we cannot avoid, as the child is not aware about such things, reactions to such acts may differ from one child to the other. I happened to read another atrocious story where a five-year old girl lifted her dress and asked her Dad to finger her. Her dad was completely shocked as from where did his daughter learned these things! Later he came to know that the security guard of their apartment was sexually exploiting his daughter and she was not aware what was happening with her. Instead of crying, the girl actually started to like the feeling.

So it is very important to educate your children about The right touch and The wrong touch. Parents should not feel shy in giving sex education to their children. They should explain The Do’s and Don’ts to their children. Some of the quick lessons that needed to be taught are:

1) Explaining about the body parts:

At a very small age, kids begin to explore their bodies physically. As a parent, you should teach your child about the body parts. Don’t misguide them by using other words, for the private organs. Explain your child with the proper anatomy names like breasts, penis or vagina.

2) Explaining about a good touch and a bad touch:

Kids must be taught about the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. Except their mothers no one else can touch their private organs.

For instance, a mother giving bath to her child, then such touch is a good touch. A doctor examining and touching their body is a good touch, but in the presence of your parents. If a stranger or a suspicious distant relative tries to touch your child’s private parts educate them to stop them.

3) Listen to your child:

Never ignore what your child tells you. Don’t just ask them to be quiet and ignore the sexual abuse they went through. Trust them and don’t judge them.

4) Sex education in schools:

Also, it should be mandatory to have a different section or sessions allotted for sex education in schools. Also,  there is a child help line number 1098(INDIA)for the children facing problems like physical or sexual abuse in family or schools or anywhere.

Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun, not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.

-Dave Pelzer.

There is one video which I would like to share. Have a look.


5 thoughts on “Child Sexual Abuse(CSA): Lets make it history

    • We need to.!People here are still reserved but few have even taken a step ahead. There are few NGO’s here who educate children on such topics. Thanks Georgia for the reading the post 🙂

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