A real death experience

Yesterday, 16th April 2014, after returning from my evening walk, I got a call from my friend saying that he met with an accident on JVLR, Mumbai. Adrenaline surged through my veins when I heard the news. I asked him to narrate the whole incident to me.

The Traffic was as usual very congested, the roads were dug up. There were two wheelers on the left side of the lane and two buses and one dumper truck on the same side. I was at the traffic signal when I heard some loud banging noise behind me. I turned back and saw that the truck was ramming all the two wheelers and was approaching towards me. Panic had risen underneath my feet and I could see the death coming my way. I couldn’t move an inch, as to my right hand side a sedan was there and to my left was a footpath . In the front of my bike all the vehicles were standing at the traffic signal. I couldn’t help it, and only hoped that the truck would stop. Eventually the truck jumped onto the footpath, collided with a tree and stopped. It had stopped within Centimetres of my left leg.! Now my bike was stuck between the sedan on my right side and the tire of the truck on the left. As soon as the sedan moved, I got down of my bike and my bike fell on the road crashing the right side rear view mirror. I was knackered by the whole incident that had happened. Soon I heard a caterwauling sound from my behind. I saw that a guy was screaming loudly”HELP ME” as his foot was stuck under the tire of the truck. When I got down from my bike, we searched for the truck driver, but he had eloped in no time. Later, one of the passerby who knew to drive a truck, moved the truck a bit ahead and the other people around helped the guy to get his foot out and took him to the hospital. To my horror when I turned back, the Honda Activa which I had noticed some time ago was crushed under the Dumper Truck tires. The boy who was riding the Activa was squashed beyond recognition. There were ten to fifteen two wheelers lying on the road.”

After listening to the whole story of the accident from my friend, my first reaction was ” Thank you God for saving his life”. But I felt bad for the guy who got brutally killed in the accident. Due to the insouciant attitude of the driver, the guy got killed. People doubted that the driver was drunk. The above accident could have been prevented, if the driver was more cautious. The reason for the accident could be anything either the driver was drunk or was over speeding or his negligence of the traffic rules or there was some distraction that led to the accident.

Till now, I have always heard about such incidents happening around, either in the newspapers or on some news channels, but when the same happened to my dear one, I realized how miserable, the people or the families must have felt,who lost their loved one in such accidents.

Drive safe, your family is waiting for you to return home in one piece . Leave sooner, Drive Slower and Live longer.



5 thoughts on “A real death experience

  1. Yes, prevention is always better than cure but people always have the mindset of taking the easy way out at times.

    Thank God your friend is fine but feel sorry for a lost soul though.

    Take care and be well.

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