A day to remember!

I am still missing him. We broke up for good. But I never thought it would be this difficult to move on. Neha concentrate on your work or else you would lose your job too.! tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-011

I kept reminding myself again and again to work, but my mind wanders off every time, when it was filled with his thoughts, my Love, or else now my Ex Sachin with whom I recently broke up.

“Neha, Where are the Sales reports I had told you to draft?” asked my Manager.

“Sir, actuall..ly tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-062, I am working on it. I would send you in some time.” I was stammering.

“Listen Neha, the reports were expected to be ready on my desk yesterday. I have a meeting with the Director of our company tomorrow. Why is it taking so late?! . See Neha, you have been one of my favourite employees, but these days you don’t concentrate on your work properly. I can’t ignore this changed working habit always! I want the report by EOD on my desk even though you have to stay back in office. I don’t give a damn, but I need this today itself. Got it?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Sachin, I won’t forgive you for this mental torture. Now stop pestering my mind with your lovely memories as you mean nothing to me now. So stop it or else my so-called Manager would kick me out from the office. Go tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-026!”

By 8 pm, anyhow, I prepared those reports and quickly mailed them to my manager. Though I had to struggle a lot not to think of Sachin, but he wins by popping in my mind again and again with his bright heart melting smile and sexy body!

God really, was this breakup needed. I am still madly in love with him. It has been a fifteen days now. Please just stop messing with my mind and hurting my heart now. Please.!

I finish filing my work and I am ready to leave for home and call for the day. I switched off my computer, took my bag and left. As soon as I reach the lift, the lights in the building go offtiny-smileys-yesemoticons-039.

OMG, I hate darknesstiny-smileys-yesemoticons-083. I took my cell out of my bag and switched on the torch(thanks to the android created applicationtiny-smileys-yesemoticons-100). I started moving towards the security counter on my floor for asking some help. But there was no one there. All I can see ahead of me is the darkness. I thought to call up my friend, but something struck me that she dint come to the office today. As I didn’t have any of the security guard’s personal number, I thought to go to my desk as I had pinned the contact details on the small notice board of my desk. As soon as I reached, I sat down on my chair and searched for the guard’s personal number. Suddenly I heard some footstep noise. I turned around by focusing the torchlight on the side from where I heard the noise.

“Who is there? Can anyone hear me tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-103? “ I asked out loudly.

No one replied. I ignored and turned back to the notice board of my desk. To my horror, I saw a note pinned on the notice board “ No matter whatever you do, it is lurking in the shadows and would come to find you.”

I was shell-shocked reading it and pushing my chair behind and got up tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-101. This was not there here till now! Who the hell put this here then? I asked myself.

Suddenly I heard the footstep noise again. But this time, I felt there were more footsteps coming up than one. I flashed the torch again towards the direction from where the noises were coming from but found no one.

What the hell is happening here. I was already tired with my work, tired of disturbing thoughts of Sachin and now this horror experience. I was shuddering and the noises around me were giving me goosebumps now. I started calling out again “ Who is there. Please just stop it. If you are playing pranks, it’s not cool. OK!”. Tears were rolling down my cheeks tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-052 and I really didn’t knew what should I do. After some time, I tried to calm down  and started  searching for the security person’s number again. Suddenly I felt some one’s hand on my left shoulder and I got scared. Immediately I turned around and saw himtiny-smileys-yesemoticons-096.

“Sachin, You!” I asked without realizing the electricity had come back and I had kept my torchlight still on.

Fidgeting with the torch button, which I managed to switch it off later, I asked, staring at his face”Sachin, What are you doing here? And wait a minute, were you doing all this? If yes, then It was an insane act. OK.!”I shouted crying.
He placed his finger on my lips to quiet me and said “ I am sorry. But I thought of surprising you. Neha I realized in these fifteen days, that life without you is nothing. I couldn’t concentrate on my work, I had lost interest in watching my favourite football match, I couldn’t get sleep. Neha I even lost my appetite!Well, seeing you I can make out, that you too are not having food properly. Neha, Please forgive me for what I did. Please come back to me. I love you. “

I could hear a big applauding from everywhere around us. I started sobbing loudly tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-115 and didn’t realize that we were surrounded by other people too. My colleagues, my manager, Sachin’s friends had surrounded us. I wiped my tears back and hugged him tightly. “I love you too, Sachin. Please never do this to me again.”

Everybody cheered for us and my cheeks were blushing with a touch of embarrassment too tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-107. One of his friends placed a cake on my desk.

“Sachin, Why cake? I mean I am happy, but don’t you think it’s too much. After all, it’s my office you know. I mean I am touched by all this but…”I told him softly in his ears so that no one else could hear except him.

“Darling, Do you know what date is today?”

I thought hardly tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-105 and replied “ 12-July. So?”

And it struck me that it’s my birthday “ How could I forget my birthday.”

“OMG, Sachin I forgot it’s my birthday. Nor I got any wishes from anyone to remind me about my birthday.! Anyways, now I know why No one wished me.”  I said smilingly.

I cut the cake and celebrated my birthday. I thanked God from within for this big birthday gift. It was an awesome and a memorable birthday tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-030. I and Sachin thanked everyone and soon left from there. I celebrated my remaining special day with a special person of my life at his place tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-009.

PS : This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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