Hope For A Better Tomorrow


When I was a kid, I was made to believe, I belonged to the community where a human is born because of the sin they committed in their last birth,
My family and the people like us were abused and regarded  as an Untouchable and had no self-worth.
There were different rules made for us,
At every point, we were teased and bullied, the others made fun and laughed at us.
We were not allowed to get educated, nor we could freely walk on the road,
We  were summoned to bow our heads and were asked to carry other’s load.
We were assigned to clean streets, toilets and waste of others,
These were the only source of income for a living, cleaning the sewer, slaughtering and removing the debris of others.
One day, I cried and hugged my mother and asked her the reason for the discrimination done against us,
She hugged me back and wiped my tears and told me our past misdemeanour is haunting us.
We are destined to this and can’t change it my dear,
Our touch can impure others and that is what they all fear.
With the years, negativity and fear had grown within me,
I wanted to breathe and lead a life prejudice free.
With the God’s grace and the support of my mother, I was sent to the city for my education,
With a promise to my mother to return one day as an IAS officer and eradicate the discrimination.
Years passed by and yet  the old pains were fresh to me,
But, today the world is a little more my own  and a fresh surge of optimism passed through me.
Today, I have learned  to  stand for my self-respect,
Take things in a positive way and creating life’s new aspect.
I worked for my own people and gave them the long deserved justice,
And punished those who tried to disturb the peace.
– Heta Gala
While discrimination based on caste has been prohibited and untouchability abolished under the Constitution of India, but in  some of  the regions of INDIA, discrimination and prejudice against Dalits still prevails. Still a few people are forced to believe that they are a curse to the others and  are born as Dalits, because they have committed a mistake.! The above story shows how a girl with a strong willpower didn’t lose hope and with the support of her mother, she worked for her own people and inspired others to fight for their rights instead of accepting it as their destiny.


2 thoughts on “Hope For A Better Tomorrow

  1. Heta, my heart was saddened when reading your message, and you did an excellent job in writing it! No one should ever be belittled by such beliefs. My heart is made very happy because I have met the wonderful spirit who rose above that! God has blessed you much with a gift to communicate and open another’s eyes with your words. We are Humankind, all of us, we are one together and what affects one…affects us all for we are made in Gods image which is Spirit. Your words always bless dear sister, I actually had a rough time and had to pick the times to write, and visit. You and your family are always in my prayers! I had the hardest time yesterday, because I lost my youngest Son on mothers day 27 years ago! It still affects me…and yet I am able to smile brightly because of your wonderful article praising your mom!. Know that you are always loved my dear sister! God bless you and your family!

    • Thank you so much Wendell. I am touched 🙂 And this article is not related to my life but I have seen such incidents and this was one of it.!I am sorry to hear about your son.!Takecare and thanks once again for sparing time to read my article 🙂

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