Key to Happiness – Part2


The last few days have been tough for me,

I thought I had lost all hope of happiness for me.

I was shattered and didn’t know what to do,

My mind was clogged with many thoughts and I wanted a few things to undo.

I  thought, all the doors of happiness are now closed,

Nothing can be done, and everything has ended.

I was trying to be away from everyone,

Needed some time to think as I was craving for an answer to my every question.

I closed my eyes and folded my hands,

I remembered God and prayed him to help me understand.

Finally, I decided to not lose hope or come to any conclusion,

I wiped my tears and thought of getting some solution.

What if I can’t undo the things that happened,

Instead,  I could  try to move on, think positively and be less dishearten.

We cannot undo our past nor we can predict our future,

We live in the present and so we must work  to make things better.

Sometimes, you need to be more wise,

You need to forget things that have happened and come out of the problem and rise.

Happiness doesn’t come to them, who still dwell in their past,

Who ruins their present by thinking the same and fear that it will occur in their future.

Only we have the keys to our happiness,

It is our choice whether to be strong, let go and move on or continue to live with the unhappiness.


12 thoughts on “Key to Happiness – Part2

  1. Good thoughts. It’s easy to let the past rule our future, and think we have no power over it, when at the very least there’s the power of our attitude, as you point out.

  2. We will all have times like this Heta, where there will be happiness and then sadness, it is part of our nature, but we can always overcome it by being confident in ourselves that we are not alone for things happen to us all! The last two weeks were hard for me, and yet I remember your first post about your mom and seeing the happiness you both shared infused me with a helping dose.. of joy. We as humans are a part of each other in this life, we can feel each others emotions as we share our words! We become a help aid to others when needed without really trying because of our selfless natures. When one loves spiritually, they love God, and in turn, they love themselves because of his blessing and then they share it daily with others. It is important in our lives to reach out and share, lift and inspire whether its happy or a sad moment, because in all it helps us to blossom more completely…especially when we feel the emotions shared by a friend. You helped to change the complexion of my day, week a few days ago…now i I will try to change yours. As I embraced your words hearing them speak, i also heard what you said to God, and this so reminded me of what you said to God…and he smiles at your words daily…so you should smile also every day my sister

    Finding You (God)

    It started as an ember
    Deep Inside this heart
    of mine

    It grew like the sun in
    September when the
    Summer does decline

    Its flames reach the highest
    Heights in heaven like
    The stars which light the sky

    All because a dream still comes
    True with each passing day
    As Your love my heart daily finds.


    Have a lovely weekend my sister and know you are always special to God and his love will always embrace you! Spiritual hugs, love, and blessings!

    • Thank you so much Wendell. The poem is lovely. Thanks for it 🙂 Have a great weekend ahead and lot of hugs to you too. Thank you once again for your wonderful words. I am touched 🙂 God bless you my friend.

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