Follow what your heart says!


Life is not easy for anyone. We all have to face some critical situations in our life where we face a dilemma of whether to listen to our heart or to be practical and listen to our mind! Literally, a conflict flare up between the brain and the heart and both of them work in the Opposite direction and have different opinions and solutions to our problems. During such instances, I would say follow your heart! Our brain is important, no doubt, but keeping your heart bigger and open matters most.

Husband: What is this? You can’t even cook properly? There is no salt in the food!

He throws away the food and abuses his wife. This is an everyday drama, where Mr. Husband leaves home early morning for work and arrives late at home and usually he is drunk.

Wife: Sorry, I remember I had added salt in it, but Anyways, I will clear it and get something for you.

Husband: Don’t waste my time and just go and get it. Listen!! Also get me some whiskey too.

Wife (replies. stammering): You already had a lot today. Please don’t drink more.

Husband: Don’t dare raise your voice. Just do as I say. Understood? Now don’t stand here, just go and bring things.

The wife cries and walks away from there. She keeps her mouth shut just for her baby. She is pregnant and for her future child, she is bearing all the pain. She wanted to go back and change things, but she thought practically and ignored what her heart told her to do. She always had the urge to free herself from this cage, but she couldn’t. Every morning, after her husband left for office, she felt relaxed. After completing her household chores, she always did what she liked. Writing was her passion and that was the only thing that made her happy. But as soon as the sun sets, she gets scared. The arrival of her husband in sometimes gave her scary Goosebumps. Sometimes, she was beaten, sometimes she was raped. She has gone through this pain for five years. But soon, things changed….

One night as usual Mr. Husband arrives late, and he was drunk

Husband: Get me something to eat and drink. Quick.

Wife with trembling hands lays the tray with the drink and his dinner on the table. Mr. Husband held her hand and pushed her on the nearby couch. She was saying No but he wasn’t listening. Accidentally she pushed him so hard that he falls on the ground. Mr. Husband got agitated and grabbed a wooden stick and started hitting her. She kept saying sorry, but it didn’t work and he kept telling her

Husband (while beating): I earn money, whatever you have, it’s because of my hard earned money and you say No to me. I am your husband and you should do, what I say, you whore!

As Mr. Husband was not in his senses, he forgot that his wife was pregnant. He kept on hitting her and suddenly the wife started bleeding badly. She was screaming because of pain and was holding her abdomen tightly because of the severe pain. Next day, her husband took her to the hospital, but by that time she had lost her baby. She kept weeping, but realized that what all she did was wrong. She asked herself “What does the brain matter compared with the heart?” If she would have listened to her heart and raised her voice against her husband’s Domestic Violence, she wouldn’t have lost her baby. But now she wants to end her sufferings. She wants freedom and she decided to follow what her heart says.

Wife (Lying on the hospital bed): Nurse, Can I have a word with the doctor? Please can you call him and please don’t let my husband in or even inform him about this.

After some time, the doctor arrives.

Wife: Doctor, I want to give my statement to the police. My husband is responsible behind all this.

She narrates the whole story to the doctor and later to the police too. After all the investigations and on the basis of her and the neighbour’s statements, her husband was put behind bars.

You have only one life, don’t live it according to other people’s opinions or the way others want you to lead. Sometimes thinking practically is not enough, have courage to follow what your heart says.

May be the situations could be difficult and you may curse yourself for thinking emotionally and not practically but at least you would do what you felt right not what others felt right. Believe in yourself, trust your own instincts and follow your heart, that’s the real happiness of the life. 

PS : All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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