Say No to Dowry!

I received this message and thought of sharing it.

“When a girl👰gets married, in laws, relatives👳👱and neighbours ask one question” What have your daughter in law👰brought from her family👪?”
But no one ever asks that ” What all she👰 have left behind👪🏡after getting married:|!”

Truly, when a girl gets married, especially in a country like INDIA, this would be the first question that pops up in every one’s mind. Though dowry is illegal, the system still prevails in almost 90% of the country. This tradition of demanding money or a few luxurious items from a girl’s family is done either directly by asking on the face orelse in a such way where a girl’s family is asked to gift saree’s, ornaments or clothes to the groom’s entire family including all relatives! One of the typical statement would be ” We have invested lakhs of rupees on our son’s education, and we are demanding this much only..and that too not for us..but for your daughter’s comfort.”  I mean are you kidding me? Are you selling your own son in the name of old traditions and customs? A girl is counted as equal to Goddess Lakshmi and we are giving you such a big treasure of
our life, so don’t you think that’s enough? She leaves her family,her own home behind to start a new family.  When will all such traditions stop?
In a few cases, I have even heard of how a girl is tortured or murdered in the name of dowry! Please bring an end to it, say NO to dowry.


PS: Asking or giving dowry can be punished by imprisonment of up to six months or upto 5 years, a fine of up to Rs. 15000 or the amount of dowry (whichever is higher).


8 thoughts on “Say No to Dowry!

  1. This is so important. Thanks so much for spreading this message. And it seems like if you get a husband from a family that doesn’t demand Dowery — A family who values the girls for herself and not for the money she brings them — you will get a much better guy, And family.

  2. Fortunately in our family no dowry was accepted by my grandfather, my father and of course me 🙂 I think it is demeaning and the girl should put her foot down.
    Thanks Heta for a thought-provoking post and for spreading awareness on this social evil.

  3. Infact ‘Status quo’ is different from the current issue…both the parties feel that celebrating marriage is a status symbol and they go to any extent to celebrate it…this show off trend needs to be dealt with.
    I agree with your opinion…and I wish both the sides think on this issue.

  4. I love what your mind brings to life Heta! Always remember we are equal parts of the same coin, and one is only made better by the other mutually. It would be wonderful if two become one and were able to begin life learning to know each other better in an atmosphere where they have to rely on togetherness to survive alone without family how they will grow becoming soul twins, that nothing will separate. How much love will blossom, and how genuine and selfless it would be! I love your mind my sister and what you bring into reality for all to dwell on! Thanks for always being a part of my day…God bless!

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