Implications of the modern technology on my life


The first thing I do, when I get up in the morning  is browsing my Smartphone for any messages(Most important is checking whatsapp messages, comment for my blogs and later on emails 😉 ).
Technology has played a very important role in everyone’s life. We all use it to accomplish our specific  tasks or for our personal interests. Today’s modern technology has simplified our life in just one click. If you need any information on a particular topic, just Google it and you would get so many links and references for your topics. Wikipedia and YouTube are the most visited sites for the detailed information provided by them. Nowadays you could find various applications in your Smartphones which makes it easy for you to connect with your people, friends, family. Whatsapp, Line chats, Facebook, Hangout (G talk), social networking applications like these are easily available, which makes our communications convenient and easy to use. Communicating your thoughts, opinions to the world have become so easy by creating your own blog. We get to meet new people around the globe and get to know their stories, views through blog sites like WordPress (the one I use 😉 ), Blogger and many more. There are few blogging communities which help us to promote our blogs and helps us get an audience. Technology has also improved the education means, wherein a student can use the computer, iPads for visual lessons which makes their study more interesting. Even shopping has become so convenient and time saving by online shopping options like Flipkart, Snapdeal. Also, purchasing travel tickets online has made our travel journey easy and stress free and saved us from standing in a queue.

I am hooked to technology because it helps me to convey my thoughts to the world via blogging. It gives me an immense peace when I share my small world of thoughts to people around and I am appreciated for the same. Likewise, even I get to read many thoughts, the works of people by their blogs. Because of technology, I am in touch of my friends almost daily. In today’s busy world, we hardly get time to catch up with our friends, but applications like Whatsapp, hangout have made it so simple to stay connected with our friends. Even if we wish to see our friends, one video call makes it possible 🙂 . Also, I can quickly forward the important documents to the concerned person in just few seconds. Thanks to Gmail. And finally, if I am bored( even from reading novel 😛 )playing games like farm heroes, unblock me free and mind games like word match makes me feel a bit fresh.

Technology has changed our lives in so many ways, and has made our life simpler,better and spectacular .



7 thoughts on “Implications of the modern technology on my life

  1. As much as u might point fingers I too am equally guilty of my dependability and technology addiction. It’s a trend to ignore the people you are in company of to be in contact with people over the Internet .. Happens all the time .. We sit in a group and are busy checking texts, emails, messages that we are completely ignoring the priority of relationships ..

    • Yup everything has its disadvantages too. But whenever I am with someone I off the internet and concentrate with the person with whom I am. We need to have some control over ourselves and know our priorities first. Today also meeting my friends personally is more important for me than always depending on the technology.

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