Eternal Love


Life without you, is like a body without a soul,
My mind works, but is in your control.
Seeing you,the world around me comes to cease,
Being with you, I feel complete and I find my real inner peace.
I feel possessed and can do anything to see you happy,
Just being held by you, I feel secure and bliss.
Time will fly and my passion for love will keep on growing,
It will continue, till the day you don’t stop  your love and care sowing.


15 thoughts on “Eternal Love

    • Hey Sweety Shinde, Thank you for the comment :-). The “you” is the imaginary guy in whose search I am in ! 😉 . Thanks for reading my post 🙂

  1. Heta – I remember playing a melody for Eternal Love – I wanted to share this clip for you and I hope you will enjoy listening to it:)

  2. Reblogged this on The Pink Diary and commented:

    Happy Birthday 🎁🎂 to the most important person of my life and my soulmate Pratish Naidu. My life without you would be nothing. God bless you. I dedicate one of my old poems to you ☺️ “Eternal Love” 👫

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